[Fanacct] Donghae – 12Plus CF Shoot in Thailand

18 Sep


Source: various twitter accounts
Credit: as tagged
Shared by: [YY] @ 2s1family (ShawolELF@twitter)


01:33 The flight Donghae took has reached Thailand~Donghae’s still inside, he’s not out yet

① Donghae has came out and got onto the car, on the way to the hotel
② Thai fan saw Donghae at the airport, 12+ staff were also there to welcome Donghae, Donghae seems to be in a good mood
③ At the airport when on the buggy, hid the lower part of his face behind someone, because he has zits on that part of his face
④ When Donghae walked out (of the airport), saw a lot of fans, Thai fan said there are around 300-400 people, he looked very happy, kept waving at everybody
⑤ At the airport, suddenly heard someone shouted “YA! DONGHAE! SUPER JUNIOR” Turns out it’s a Korean on the same flight as Donghae and has discovered him
⑥ Guitar was carried by the staff~

02:32 Donghae has reached the hotel~

10:03 Donghae has left the hotel for the shooting venue at Pathum Thani, very close to Bangkok~Indoor shoot

10:22 Donghae has reached Pathum Thani, blue shirt, grey knitwear, wore frames1 ==very FASHION, even holding on to a bonsai2 ==The props used this time round are weird ==
1 glasses without lens
2 fan taken pictures seems to suggest he’s holding on to a pot of cactus rather than bonsai

11:20 They’ve changed the location shoot, they’re now at a house beside the river~~

11:30 The place they’re at now seems like they’re having their meal, staff brought in some Korean food just now

13:27 Up till now it’s still the female partner’s turn to shoot, Donghae hasn’t come out to shoot yet, shooting location is still beside the river

15:24 Donghae has come out, preparing to shoot the CF. Previously was only AUM, they will both shoot together later

16:43 Donghae and AUM are shooting together, walking around..(message from Thai fan is unclear)

19:00 AUM has finished her part of the shoot, while Donghae continues shooting. Just now staff brought in the guitar, seems to be used for the CF

19:20 Right now it’s still Donghae’s turn to shoot, he has some problems, that is he still can’t open up, gets shy facing the camera

19:30 Thai fans said Donghae is playing the guitar indoors, but they could only hear the sound, the guitar he brought is finally used

19:40 Originally for the CF, there is a falling scene, but when he did the falling action, director even said no matter what action (he did) he still looks good

19:45 Donghae is still shooting quite late, wasn’t shot well, even had to cancel a schedule

19:54 When Donghae walked over to the monitors to take a look at the scene, the staff wanted to give up his seat to him, he waved his hand indicating that it’s alright, he’s fine with standing ~~~

20:02 It’s already dark now, and it’s raining, Thai fans are still waiting

20:06 Right now they’re shooting indoors, only a few fans who won the lucky draw earlier could go in and watch the filming

20:35 Donghae just came out, because a lot of fans outside were shouting his name~~therefore he came out to wave at everyone for a period of time

20:54 Donghae has finally finish the shoot, right now they’re heading back to the hotel to rest ~~along the way, getting onto the car, Donghae kept waving at the fans~~

22:05 Donghae has reached the hotel, but hadn’t has dinner, probably will later. Although he looks really tired, he still waved at the fans along the way.

Source: my breath
Credit: onlyhae
Translated by: SJ-World.net
Shared by: [YY] @ 2s1family (ShawolELF@twitter)


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