Andy Lau, saying “Thanks” to Siwon’s friendship

27 Sep


Andy Lau saying thanks to Super Junior’s Siwon.

Andy Lau, who is currently preparing for his upcoming movie “Detective Dee”, was interviewed on the 24th MBC Show “Section TV”. With regards to Siwon treating him as a ‘life-saver’, he said “Thanks, very touched”, and also prepared his signed CD as a gift.

Siwon once said in a program, “Because of the movie “Battle of Wits”, met up with Andy Lau”. In the high temperature of the filming location, because of the blood pressure and was giddy, and at the point of almost falling down, it was Andy Lau who hold onto him, thus saving him.

In response, Andy Lau said “Hasn’t seen Siwon for a long time and felt pity/ regretful”, and giving support “Hope that Super Junior’s concert will achieve great success”

— ommited others —

SOURCE: Newsen
Photo Source: TVREPORT
Credit: 始源家族
Chinese translation: 十三天命
English translation: minoko2440 @
Take out with full credits and DO NOT ADD ADDITIONAL CREDITS


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