Premiere of Han Geng’s 《Heartache Notebook》 MV

28 Sep

On July 27, Han Geng released his first solo album 《Geng Xin》 all across Asia, and has revealed the three-part movie-styled MV 《Fire》, 《Say No》, 《Umbrella》, and also the individual MVs 《my logo》, 《Queen》, and 《Wings of Love》. NetEase Entertainment’s music channel premiered the MV 《Heartache•Notebook》 today, and it serves as the side story of the three-part movie-styled story. This MV is portrayed from the point of view of the female lead, (and) describes about the touching story behind the movie.

The outdoor scenes for the 《Heartache•Notebook》 MV was filmed at New Zealand and Korea, and through the female lead’s point of view, it talks about the story behind the three-part movie-styled MV using a reminiscing method. The overall feel of the MV is aesthetically romantic, with delicate fingers, touching penwork and picturesque scenes… the director has incorporated the aesthetic touches into every single detail, and Han Geng’s meticulous acting also became the greatest highlight of the whole MV.

According to Han Geng, the MVs for ,《Fire》, 《say no》, 《Umbrella》 and 《Heartache•Notebook》 were filmed and the same time, and the whole process was just like filming for a complete movie. The twists and turns of the life experiences of the main male character in the MV has many similarities with Han Geng, and at the same time it also allowed him to experience the thrill of being an actor.

Source: NetEase Entertainment
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