Hangeng arriving Singapore tomorrow, 4 day’s costing several ten thousand dollars

1 Oct

Hangeng arriving Singapore tomorrow afternoon, organizers are not stingy, just accommodations, air tickets cost over ten thousand Singapore dollars.

Hangeng will be arriving Singapore tomorrow (30th) ! Hangeng with manager, stylist, and around 10 person from Korea, Taiwan and China will be coming to Singapore, normally artist that are coming to Singapore seldom bring their dancers along, but because of the Fan Meeting on the weekends, there will be 4 dancers following Hangeng, this shows how much he value’s this event.

Organizers reviled, just the air tickets, accommodations, security and others cost around a 5 digit SGD amount; Hangeng will be taking CZ 353 business class, on 30th afternoon 12.25PM arriving at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1. His first time coming to Singapore, organizers said for now, Hangeng hasn’t made any special request, and never said where he wants to go for sightseeing, shopping, surprisingly he wants to try out local food, wishing local staff will bring him around to eat and drink.

Hangeng’s fan meeting will be held on 3rd October, but he’s arriving Singapore earlier, on the 30th, to do promotions for his album, also having the only fan sign on the 2nd.

Ever since the organizers said that Hangeng will be coming to Singapore, they have been receiving calls from overseas fans, this week’s fan meeting, other than local fans, it’s been said that there will also be fans coming from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Malaysia.

In this trip, Hangeng will be staying for 4 days, leaving Singapore on the 4th 8.10PM boarding PG 962.

Only signing Singapore album and fan meeting tickets

Organizers said that on the 2nd fan sign, Hangeng will only be signing fan meeting tickets and Singapore’s version of 《庚心》album (no limit in numbers), and won’t be signing other albums; at the back of local version of albums, there will be a Global Music sticker, on that day, the staff will also be checking for that.

Organizers also said that, to maintain order, there will be 2 queue set up on that day, 1 “priority queue” (fans with fan meeting tickets and Singapore version of album), and another queue for fans with Singapore version of albums. In addition, Hangeng will only be staying at the fan sign venue for 1 hour.

Credit: OMY
Translated By: SGSJELFs
Shared by: [YY] @ 2s1family (ShawolELF@twitter)


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