[Fanacct] Hangeng’s Fansign Session in Singapore

3 Oct


16:13 Hangeng reached the venue. Fans are all screaming super loudly!
16:14 Hangeng went backstage, to prepare.
16:21 Upon our screamings, Hangeng came out.
16:22 Fans sang Wings of Love’s chorus, for Hangeng. Hangeng was later being asked by Ken to sing with us together.
16:24 Hangeng was being asked to play game with fans, “Q&A”. Those who answered correctly will get a autographed poster.
16:25 ~ 16:30 (Game Time)
– Hangeng asked fans what day is it yesterday?
– All fans answered China’s National Day.
– Since all fans answered, the question has no ‘winner’.
– 1st question: (asked by Ken this time round) What is Hangeng’s shoe size?
– 1st fan answered 40, Hangeng looked down and replied the fans with a “eh?” and a blur but cute face.
– 2nd fan answered 43, Hangeng said no and gave a clue, it’s smaller than 43.
– 3rd fan answered 42, Hangeng grinned.
– 2nd question: (asked by Hangeng) What is the album’s name?
– Fans all shouted “GENG XIN”.
– Hangeng smiled, showing his super white teeth.
– Hangeng asked who does this album belongs to?
– Fans all shouted “HANGENG”.
– Hence, with all fans getting the correct answer, Hangeng has no choice but to randomly throw the poster.
– 3rd question ; Last question: (asked by Hangeng) What is the last song in the album?
– Fans shouted “MY LOGO”.
– Hangeng laughed.
– Ken asked fans to sing the chorus for My Logo .
– Since there is no specific winner for this question, the poster was being thrown to the side that has the loudest people singing My Logo’s chorus.

16:30 Autograph session started.
17:04 Hangeng kissed a boy toddler. They are from Shanghai.
17:10 Ken told us that Hangeng had already used 5 permanent markers! Ken also told us that Hangeng is really sincere with his autograph. Cause usually when artiste doesn’t have enough time, they will anyhow sign the album or cut short their signature. However, for Hangeng, he still continues with his long and sincere signature to every fans.
17:17 Autograph session ended, Hangeng says he hopes to see all of us again in the future.

Sorry, this is the first time i write fan account, therefore i wasn’t that experienced:X
I didn’t have the chance to get up the stage to interact with Hangeng, hence i couldn’t really express much. This is all i can tell you guys.
If anyone wants to share your fan account / fancam / photos with us, please send them to yyngyy11@yahoo.com.sg (:

Ohya, don’t worry, the message book was being gave to Hangeng by the staff. ^^
Photos will be uploaded at a later date, because I am having my examinations right now, hope you guys understand. (:

Credit: [YY] @ 2s1family (ShawolELF@twitter)


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