[News] Jonghyun and Key injured at concert in Indonesia

14 Oct

Recently, 5 male idol group SHINee went to Indonesia on the 12th for the “Korea-Indonesia Sharing Friendship Concert” and on the event, JongHyun and Key were injured.

SHINee’s agency SM Entertainment said on the 14th, “SHINee at the event received a lot of interest from the local fans, when they were coming down from the stage, thousands of fans were crowding and due to the huge crowd and the pushing, Jonghyun got injured and his left ankle was injured, also, Key was injured and got a wound in his left chest”.

He continued, “JongHyun and Key returned to Seoul on the 13th to go to the hospital to receive immediate care, they are asked to rest for 1-2 days, because of this, SHINee’s schedule will be stopped for a couple of days”.

“Since Jonghyun cannot dance because of his injury, we will delay activities for “hello”, we are happy and thankful for the big encouragement and interest Indonesian fans showed SHINee”.

Photo’s of JongHyun has been spreading around the Indonesian Newspaper because of the event showing the great interest of the local media and fans to SHINee.

Source: Star News
Credit: blueprincess824 @ Dkpopnews.net
Shared by: [YY] @ 2s1family

YY’s note: What is done has been done. Please don’t blame/bash them. Let bygones be bygones. Since the boys are safe back in Korea, we should just hope they are alright now. Shawols, as well as other fandoms, please treat this as a lesson to be learnt. You know what i meant. ^^


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