[Fan acct] Yesung’s Mother Appears in Spamalot

11 Nov


In Spamalot, there’s a scene where the knights bring an audience who has the holy grail up to the stage.
Last month, Leeteuk, Sungmin and Eunhyuk went up to the stage to give the holy grail to King Arthur.
On November 9th, it was none other than Yesung’s mom.
Before choosing Yesung’s mom as the recipient of Arthur award, the knights looked at several candidates.
Sir Bedevere asks Arthur, “how about this child?” pointing to a foreigner.
Sir Galahad (Yesung) says, “she’s not a citizen of our country! She went to the same hair salon as me to do my hair.”
When Yesung’s mom is chosen, Yesung says, “I’ve known the child since she was young.”
Arthur becomes annoyed with Yesung and says, “I’m the king here. Don’t act up. I can’t take it anymore.”
Then, Yesung’s mom gets up to the stage.
Arthur asks other knights what her age might be.
Sir Lancelot replies that she looks like she just turned 1 year old and becomes worried that she might not be able to talk.
Yesung’s mom says her last name is Be and her first name is Yonce. Her full name is Beyonce.
She says she’s here to find her husband who ran away and that husband is King Arthur.
Yesung says, “then King Arthur’s my father?”
King Arthur didn’t know that she was actually Yesung’s mom.
So, he asked other knights whether she really is Yesung’s mom.
Other knights replied that she is. But, Arthur couldn’t believe it, so he kept asking whether she really is Yesung’s mom.
Even the audience replied that she is Yesung’s mom.
After Arthur believed that she is Yesung’s mom, she received the King Arthur award.

Source: Marenubium
Translated and edited by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM


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