[News] “1000 songs challenge” Shindong Sungmin, “Took the cattle back for a consecutive of 2 weeks”

16 Nov

Super Junior Sungmin & Shindong won the highest quality of domestic-produced cattle for a consecutive of 2 weeks.

On the 14th afternoon broadcast of SBS 20th year anniversary special which welcomed the 10 years anniversary of , a war of celebrities couples was launched.

On that day (,) Sungmin and Shindong performed PSY’s , both of them appeared on stage decked in glittering costumes, and immediately increased the atmosphere.

The gorgeous stage by the both of them won a total score of 98 marks, and received the top position. (Having) “Taking the cattle back for consecutively 2 weeks”, Shindong could not hide his joy.

Source: newsen.com
Chinese translation: 咖咖 @ Lovesungmin.5d6d.com
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Shared by: [YY] @ 2s1family


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