“It’s okay, Daddy’s girl” Choi Jin Hyuk-Donghae, acting skills of crying in the mourning hall “Tears dropping”

17 Nov

The photos of actor Choi Jin Hyuk and Donghae crying were disclosed.

At the shooting scene of SBS new drama “It’s okay, Daddy’s girl”, Choi Hyuk Gi played by Choi Jin Hyuk and his brother Choi Wook Gi played by Donghae were decked in mourning attire and dropping tears like rain in the mourning hall.

During the shooting in the mourning hall, Choi Jin Hyuk and Donghae were immersed in their roles, despite the chilling weather, both of them still cried a lot.

Choi Jin Hyuk said “Because of the chilling weather, everyone suffered a lot, and put their hearts into every scene performed.”

Donghae stated “From the sunbae-nims, other artists and staffs, I’ve learnt a lot of techniques in acting, in order to show everyone all the scenes and Donghae, the actor who has the fullest passion in acting, I’ll work hard even in the future.”

The drama will be broadcasted at 8.50pm on the 22th.

Source: Newsen
Chinese translation: Coco @ onlyhae.com
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET


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