YueDuJi Publishing signs Han Geng: exclusive rights for a concept book that will publish soon., Han Geng concept book out by the end of the year!

17 Nov

Releasng an album, having his own solo concert, filming a movie… after going solo, Han Geng is having much success with his career. The approval and support by fans created a new Asian super star.

This report found out recently that the only all female professional publishing company, YueDuJi Publishing, has already bought rights to Han Geng’s brand new concept book with a seven digit price tag and the book is scheduled for release at the end of the year.

Pays Attention to Female Readers, Han Geng’s First choice is YueDuJi Publishing

According to insiders, YueDuJi Publishing managed to win the rights to Han Geng’s new book completely based on its enormous publishing capabilities and professional editing team which successfully moved Han Geng and his team. They won the exclusive rights to this brand new concept book with a seven digit copyright fee.

Seven digit copyright fee, Han Geng becomes the new IT person in the publishing industry

The publishing industry was very busy in 2010, especially in regards to many rumors regarding copyright fees.

Han han, Mia Jia, Yuan Tengfei… copy right fees in the millions even ten millions started to appear. As a normal reader, the extremely high amounts of copyright fees is very far from us, promotional and marketing strategies based on the fee almost over laid the original meaning of the copyright fee.

For a normal reader, would super star Han Geng’s copyright fee be the same? This reporter interviews Mr. Yu of a renowned publishing company in the company about this, “This price is quite fair in reflection of Han Geng’s popularity. Because of the “Han Geng” gold banner, the sales would be very good with out needing the publishing company to make a big deal out of the copyright fee.

In accordance to this, with a real seven digit copyright fee, Asian super star Han Geng has already become a new sign in the Chinese publishing industry.

(T/N: the last bit of the article is cut as it has nothing to do with Han Geng, it mainly introduces some history and achievements of the publishing company.)

Translated by Windchime @ GENG-BAO.net
Shared by: [YY] @ 2s1family


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