Super Junior Sungmin to play ‘President’ Choi SooJong-Ha HeeRa’s son; Challenges acting after 5 years.

20 Nov

[Newsen Lee EonHyuk Reporter]

Super Junior Sungmin to challenge acting.

Sungmin will take part in KBS 2TV’s new drama ‘President’ (Screenplay: Son YoungMook ; Director: Kim HyungIl) as Jang IlJun (played by Choi SooJung) and Cho SoHee’s (played by Ha HeeRa)’s son Jang SungMin.
Jang Sungmin is a Political Science major student who dreams to become a politician like his father. He tries to help his father on elections but he often does it the wrong way.

Officials stated that “His real name and the character’s name in the drama is alike and we believe that it was fate.” also, “Not only does he sing and dance well he also has the talent in acting.”

Sungmin acted as the young Kim Chan Woo of the 2005 morning drama ‘Sea of Sisters.’ Sungmin who’s challenging acting said, “It’s been a long time since I acted and I am anticipating.”

‘President’ will air on December 8 right after ‘Fugitive: Plan B.’

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