E.L.F are outraged at “100 Points” for calling Super Junior a 11-member group!

30 Nov

It seems the new variety show “100 Points” is full of controversies. First it was criticized for its handling of General Lee Soonshin, and then Hongki’s girlfriend issue also gained attention quickly.
The show’s producers made another controversial comment that has all the E.L.F.s rising up in anger. It started with Song Joongki and SHINee’s Minho facing off each other on the corner “Have you done it?” Song Joongki asked, “Have you ever gotten profits by yourself?” Minho could not answer because he and the other SHINee members divide profit.

Here, Eunghyuk spoke up and said, “Don’t talk about stuff like that, it makes me angry.” The captions below him read, “We have 11 members so we get 1/11,” even though he himself did not say anything about the member number.

This caused E.L.F. to become extremely angry. Super Junior is acting as a 10-member group now, but no E.L.F. has crossed Kibum, Kangin and Hangeng off the member list. Many E.L.F. consider Zhoumi and Henry to be part of the group as well, so calling Super Junior an 11-member group caused all the fans to say, “It’s not right to call them an 11-member group when no one has officially left. Fans are still waiting for all of the members to be back.”

Seem like the producers of the show are making a lot of bad choices right from the beginning. How did you feel?

SourceSports Chosun
Credit: Korwaboo



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