Wu Chun and Hangeng gaze lovingly at each other for movie

11 Dec

Since last month, Wu Chun has been filming together with Hangeng in Shanghai, China for “My Kingdom” (or “Tales from the Beijing Opera”/ 大武生 Da Wu Sheng). In the movie, the two act as a pair of disciples under the same master aka brothers. Since the two were both slow to warm up to people and hadn’t met each other before, the director had to think of ways to quickly train their understanding of each other.

On the first day, he had the two both wear glasses, face each other, and look at the other with a loving expression for 30 seconds. Wu Chun tried his best not to laugh and looked until he could barely see out of his eyes. Hangeng also looked until his eyes started watering and said, “If we go again, I wouldn’t be suppressing laughter. I’d probably really start crying.”

For his second method, the director invited them both to dinner, but would not allow any managers or staff members to accompany them. The meal took 2 to 3 hours. The director had the two reveal the story of their first love at the dinner table, hoping to cultivate feelings through sharing the things on their minds. However, neither of the two were able to speak of it. What was certain is that eating together was more effective than the glasses method. The relationship between the two became much closer. Their touching scene, later on, between the two “brothers” made even the director want to cry.

Story overview (Rough translation, may contain SPOILERS)

This film remake version of 大武生 (Da Wu Sheng), English name: “My Kingdom” or “Tales from the Beijing Opera”, will again relate the rough road a pair of Beijing Opera disciples travels during the 1920s in the Republic of China. Together, the two bravely pursue fame, love, and revenge.

Taking on their master’s revenge, Guan Yi Long (Wu Chun) and Meng Er Kui (Hangeng) carry out the “Da Wu Sheng” (roughly translates to: great martial arts warrior) dream. During the opera heyday, the two bravely rush to the shores of Shanghai and end up becoming the stars of the decade.

Xi Mulan (Barbie Hsu) as the love interest is the disciple of Shanghai’s most popular master at the time, Yue Jiang Tian. After the suicide of Yue Jiang Tian when he lost the challenge against the two “brothers”, in order to preserve her master’s show team, Xi Mulan submitted to performing opera together with the two “brothers”. She starts to go to and fro between the “brothers” and even has a secret relationship with the master…

After getting to Shanghai and getting revenge, the two “brothers” become enemies when a wedge is driven between them. Ultimately, the misunderstanding is resolved and the two retire from the opera scene.

Sources: Libertytimes, Chinafilm
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