IU defends Super Junior’s Shindong

28 Dec

Super Junior member Shindong was under heavy criticism after appearing to be goofing around during IU‘s acceptance speech for her mutizen award on last night’s SBS Inkigayo. While many fans thought the moment was rude, IU is now standing up for him, stating it was all a misunderstanding.

Shindong’s appearance during IU’s tearful acceptance speech seems to have left many fans displeased. Fans had left so many angry and displeased comments towards the Super Junior idol that IU had to leave a message for her fans to calm the situation. Wearing a huge bunny suit that made her face look tiny, IU posted the following message on her me2day account:

Bunny transformation!^^ And, I think everyone is misunderstanding..Shindong oppa and Super Junior seniors congratulated me just as much as others, if not more. I’m sad that the misunderstanding got so blown up ㅜㅜ Have a good Monday!

It’s a great day!! I got first place!!^^ Thanks to everyone that congratulated me today! There was Rushya unni, Hong Chul oppa, Super Junior sunbaes, Gahee unni, 2AM oppas and Nicole unni!! And the people that cheered for me! I love you! Thank you! You won’t be disappointed!! Thank you!!

Source: IU@me2day
Translation by AA Chan
Written by wonderwonders@kpoplive.com


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