“Star King” Eunhyuk and Tablo, 100% comparison of details

28 Dec

The striking resemblance between Super Junior member Eunhyuk and Epik High’s Tablo was shown.

On the episode of which was broadcasted on the 11th, Park Dowoon who has all along insist on using the traditional method in the making of Korea cow-tail soup for 20 years, made an appearance to demonstrate the cooking method.

On that day, while Park Dowoon was introducing the steps, he mistook Eunhyuk who was helping out as his assistant and called him “Tablo” before continuing, “Both of you look really alike”.

After which, the awkward smiling face of Eunhyuk led to the comparison between his and Tablo’s face on the screen in.

Also on that day, during the broadcast, Park Dowoon made an explanation to everyone regarding the secret recipe of the usage of the traditional stove.

Source: Nate
Shared by: in00022 @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Chinese translation: ai_2h_ @ eunhae.cn
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET


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