Park Sunjoo, “SM Stole Kyuhyun From me”

2 Jan

Park Sunjoo who is a renowned vocal trainer to famous singers revealed that Kyuhyun was stolen from her by SM.

Park Sunjoo who appeared on MBC Every1 Super Junior’s Foresight scheduled to air on December 29th revealed she trained Kyuhyun before his debut who was at the time a high school student hoping to become a singer. She expressed that she found his potentials before SM. Also, Park Sunjoo said she attempted to debut him first, but SM took in Kyuhyun before her, who later debuted as Super Junior.

Park Sunjoo expressed her affection for Kyuhyun by saying, “I was saddened because I felt as if SM stole Kyuhyun from me. However, he’s doing really well now that I’m happy for him.”

The teacher and the pupil, Park sunjoo and Kyuhyun who’ve met each other for the first time in a long time sang a duet song A Man and A Woman on the show.

Meanwhile, the full story on Kyuhyun’s SM debut will be revealed on Super Junior’s Foresight December 29th 5PM on MBC Every1.

Source: BNT
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM


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