Stars discuss on whether they should reveal that they’re dating

2 Jan

On a recent broadcast of KBS’s “Oh! My School”, a section shows stars discussing on the theme “Should stars reveal that they’re dating”.

The group that voted for yes consists of Simon D, Hongki, Hyeonjin, Hyorim, NS Yoonji and Sora while the group that voted for no consists of Eunhyuk, Jaekyung, Joongki, Minho, Eunseo and Min.

Each artiste has 30 seconds to put forward their argument.

Some strong points made were “For a female celebrity, it’s the same as getting married” and “Your problems become everyone’s problems so I’m against it.” by Rainbow’s Jaekyung whom was chosen as the best for the discussion. While personally I felt that an argument made by Hyeonjin was also strong, he said “Will you only live for your fans?”.

Get to hear different opinions made by Stars themself here!
(Starts at 01:34)

Video: OnlyYeeun @ Youtube
Credit: Liz@dkpopnews


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