What is SM aiming for this year?

6 Jan

SM if focusing on the management of their artists but at the same time they’re planning new things for being on dramas and hold concerts. A representative of SM said, “During the new year, along with TVXQ and other artists, we’re trying to manage as many activities as we can and we’re also planning on picking new rookies soon.” TVXQ have officially started their promotion in both Korean and Japan while SHINee have partnered with EMI and are awaiting their debut in Japan. Girls’ Generation and Super Junior have already gained popularity in Japan and in other asian countries that they have been called the Global Stars.

SM is also focusing on holding concerts for the fans. A representative said,

“Last year, we held the SM Town Live in Los Angeles and the tickets were sold out and SHINee haven’t debuted in Japan yet and they’ve already stood on stage in Japan. We will continue holding concerts and will possibly change the ticket price, having an affect on the SM portfolio.”

He also said, “We’re also looking out to produce dramas as well.”

Source: rinny @ osen.co.kr
Translation: eunjin @ kpoplive.com

If you want to read regarding JYP’s or YG’s, please go HERE.


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