Choi Siwon charms viewers with his acting in ‘Athena’

22 Jan

Choi Siwon, who plays Junho in the SBS drama ‘Athena‘, is upgrading his sophisticated charm with each episode.

In the beginning of the drama, Junho worked in the NTS investigation room unlike the other field agents, and supported Jung Woo (Jung Woo Sung) and Jae Hee (Lee Ji Ah). From various information decoding to computer manipulation, Junho used his brain power to quickly find evidence. But in truth, Junho had a dark past during which he was responsible for the death of a hostage.

Junho leaves his painful past behind and jumps back into the field with his gun, and he becomes an elite NTS agent. With his sturdy shoulders and perfect arm angles, his charismatic eyes as he gazes at his target, even male viewers were in awe of Junho’s character and Choi Siwon’s acting.

Junho, who is showing off his skills in the field after leaving the NTS office, is expected to become a key player in digging up a conspiracy involving a new reactor.

Meanwhile, ‘Athena’, which is enhanced by Choi’s part in it, plans to bring viewers even more powerful action scenes, crueler betrayals, and more heart-wrenching love.

Source: The Star, Chosun News

Photos: Taewon Entertainment

reupload by: [J] @ 2S1family
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