Han Geng and Wu Zun fight for two days

26 Feb

Sina Entertainment Reports: February 25th Beijing Time.

According to Hong Kong press, Wu Chun and Han Geng participated in Action director Sammo Hung’s Hell-like training for movie. Since before the filming of the movie started, Sammo Hung trained the two male leads according to the fight and action scenes in the movie for two months. From cable hanging to wrestling to one on one fights, Sammo Hung personally supervised and corrected their movements. He even demonstrated the fight scenes personally on the scene while filming. Under the training of Sammo Hung, both (Han Geng and Wu Chun) became “mirror Donnie Yen”, and weren’t afraid to keep on reshooting to find perfection.
A fight scene in the movie when the brothers Wu Chun and Han Geng became enemies even took 50 hours of continuous filming to complete. The danger of this scene was immensely high; Sammo Hung and another action actor try it for over ten times before letting Wu Chun on. In this scene Han Geng tightly held on to a dagger and closes in on Wu Chun only to get kicked to the story below by Wu Chun. Although they were hanging by cables, but both of their shoulders and feet were greatly injured and the back of their hands were also completely raw. The see as their representative work, and the film will air in the second half of the year.

Source: ENT Xinmin
Translated by Windchime@geng-bao.net
Credit: Sapphire pearls


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