[News] Super Junior-M on Chinese TV

26 Feb

Super Junior’s Chinese unit, Super Junior-M, has offiicially begun their promotions for their new mini-album on the 22nd around China. ‘On the 22nd, Super Junior-M will be on several Beijing TV shows, which airs on many different stations around the area. They’ll be on music programs such as ‘Music Fortune Room’ and guest-star on celebrity news programs such as ‘Entertainment Scene’ and promote their new mini-album, ‘Tae Wan Mi’ [太完美]‘ SM Ent. said on the 23rd.

‘And also on the 23rd, they will be on a newly-established program called ‘Enjoyable Fanmeeting’ [开心歌迷会] and perform songs. It is planned that they will perform their title track, ‘Tae Wan Mi’, another song from the album called ‘Myung Woon Sun’ [命運線], and their hit songs ‘Super Girl’ & ‘It has to Be You’ [至少还有你].’ SM stated.

‘Tae Wan Mi’ was written by Remee and Troelsen, the lyricists for BoA’s hit song, ‘Eat You Up’, and was written with (practically) perfect lyrics. Especially since on the 21st the music video for ‘Tae Wan Mi’ was released, this dance track has been gaining the interest of a large amount of Asian fans. Even on China’s top portal site, ‘Seena Dot Com’, this particular music video was on the main page in the ‘Intensive Videos’ section, and through this, many Chinese fans are gaining interest.

SM has said, ‘Super Junior-M left for China on the 22nd to arrive in time for their activities. They were greeted at the airport by 1,000 fans, and had to go in a different passage in order to avoid accidents (from happening)’

This new mini-album will be released in China first, then Taiwan on the upcoming 25th, and sequentially be released in Asia. The Korean version is planned be released on the 28th.

Meanwhile, on the 24th, Super Junior-M will be heading for Taiwan, and further promote their new mini-album through a press conference.

Credits: sports.chosun.co.kr
Photo Credits: asianpopcorn.com
Translated by ilysmtown @ SMTownJjang


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