[News] Henry “Life In Super Junior’s Dorm Is Shocking And Frightful”

5 Mar

Super Junior-M’s foreign member Henry showed off his talking skills.

Henry drew attention when he appeared on SBS Strong Heart which airs on March 1 and revealed secrets about Super Junior’s dorm. Henry is a foreign member who was born between Hong Konger father and Taiwanese mother and grew up in Canada. He is a newcomer who has skills to do grand performances by combining piano and electronic violin performances with dancing.

Henry revealed, “When I first came to Korea, it was really hard due to cultural differences between the members.” He added, “I especially was shocked when I lived in the dorm with Super Junior.” He made everyone curious when he said, “For the first 2 weeks, I couldn’t sleep and had to tremble in fear.”

You can listen to what happened at Super Junior’s dorm and the secrets about Super Junior’s dorm revealed by Henry at 11:15 pm on March 1 through Strong Heart.

Meanwhile, Big Bang’s G-Dragon, Seungri, Kim Jaok, Kim Dongwan, Kim Hyejin, Lee Sunjin, Tim, Kim Taehyun, Kim Saerom and Super Junior-M’s Henry will appear on this episode of Strong Heart.

Source: Newsen
Translated By: Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM


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