[News] SJ Siwon, Donghae, Ivy Chen are about to magnificently acsend the stage

12 Mar

Adapted from popular Japanese writer Nakamura Yoshiki’s manga “Skip Beat”, it has finally been confirmed that filming would officially start in April. “Skip Beat” drama is the first adpatation of the manga worldwide, and would be produced by Gala Television (GTV), Hakusensha* has authorized fimlimg. It is expected to cost NT 6,000,000 to build the gorgeous stage, and it is bound to create new boundaries for Taiwan idol dramas and drive the Chinese Wave.

The manga sells very well, and its anime is popular. With this adaptation, it will definitely create a trend. GTV spent many years communicating, and finally got Hakusensha and the author’s approval for its first ever adaptation. GTV has also invited Comic International Productions Co.Ltd who has much experience in Japanese manga adaptations, along with strong production power Honto Production to join in. GTV, together with the hard work of Feng Jiarui and Niucheng, will definitely create a greater idol drama reputation and trend.

Siwon plays “Ren Tsuruga”, the most popular and powerful actor in the acting circle, but has almost zero experience when it comes to love. Choi Siwon has experience from acting in numerous dramas in Korea, such as the Korean drama “Athena”, the current champion in viewership ratings. He carries an extravagant and friendly air, which fits with the role, and hence had a unanimous recommendation. Also, the birthday of Ren Tsuruga in the manga suprisingly falls on the same day as Siwon’s (10 February). It is as if he was born to play this role.

Donghae, who would be playing “Shō Fuwa”, hopes to challenge a role of a bad man who is popular with the ladies. He can finally fufill his dream by playing Shō Fuwa. In the drama, the super popular singer is a bad man that many hate to love. The playful and caring Donghae in Super Junior, happens to be the same as the drama character, who loves to dance and sing.

“Skip Beat” would soon start filming, and the female lead is not the only ready one. After Siwon and Donghae, who have packed schedules, found out about their confirmed roles, they displayed tremendous commitment and are focused and ready to play the roles in their first overseas drama. It is hoped that through GTV’s long-term promotion for the drama, it would bring the Chinese worldwide even closer. The most suitable actors, the closest adaptation from the original, the finest production team, the strongest marketing package. We believe that it would definitely bring a refreshing change to the whole of Asia and mark a new milestone for roles in dramas.

The most magnificent challenge for dramas in this century, the most world-class star performance, SKIP BEAT~ Coming soon!

*- A Japanese publishing company that published “Skip Beat”
Note: Some parts of the article have been omitted.

Source: GTV
Shared by yeyebaby@sj-world.net
Translation: ≈ tiηg♡ @ sj-world.net


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