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[News] SHINee, f(x) and Zhang Liyin model for Chinese clothing brand

26 Feb

SM Entertainment’s f(x) (excluding Amber), SHINee and Zhang Liyin have teamed up to model for Chinese casual clothing brand, H2. The idols fully embrace the year of the rabbit and the Lunar New Year celebrations as Krystal and Taemin wear bunny ears and Taemin holds a live rabbit! Sulli, Victoria, Onew and Minho hold Chinese lanterns and New Year’s scrolls with greetings of happiness and fortune. f(x), SHINee and Zhang Liyin all come together for a jumping, action style group picture as well. Check out the adorable photoshoot below!

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Super Junior transforms into sexy vampires for 12plus Cologne’s “Twilight”

26 Feb

The boys of Super Junior have transformed into smouldering immortals for a new CF with 12plus Cologne’s newest scent, ”Twilight“.

In the CF, the boys are seen chasing after a Thai actress, who plays an irresistible vampire. She seduces Super Junior with her vixen-like looks and her (presumably) alluring scent. Eventually, they too are turned into beautiful, yet hungry vampires.

Packaged in pink girly vials, “Twilight” is sure to be a hot product for many fangirls in Thailand. Check out the 30-second promo below!

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SHINee’s Key & Taemin for “Elle Girl”

21 Feb

SHINee’s Key and Taemin recently lent their charms for a’ marine boy’ photoshoot with “Elle Girl“, and shared some fun facts about their personalities and lifestyles.

The magazine wrote, “The photoshoot was held at a boutique hotel in Seoul under the concept of expressing a natural and pleasing side to the two members. SHINee, who is known for their sophisticated fashion, paid attention to every detail of the shoot, even on accessories like shoes and glasses. Their modern poses and active attitude brought out awe from the staff on set. They are, after all, SHINee.”

In the accompanying interview, the two were asked to answer a total of 30 questions regarding their personal tastes and day-to-day lifestyles. Continue reading

f(x) and SHINee’s Eithtoo Christmas promotional pictures!

2 Jan

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SHINee Minho 100 points out of 100 CF!

28 Dec

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Onew and Minho at Children’s New Life Promotion

18 Nov

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Donghae at W Korea

13 Nov

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