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Japan TV reported about SHINee’s first Japan concert!

23 Jan



SHINee’s 1st Concert involves 6 themes

15 Jan

Six Themes of SHINee’s 1st Concert!

The first theme: “Charisma” – Members appeared on stage in black and started the concert with “The SHINee World.” They sang Senorita, Get Down, Juliette and AMIGO’s rock version remix. SHINee sang AMIGO with fans riding a rail car after getting to the 2nd floor in wire.

The second theme: “Solo Stage” – Jonghyun tried DJ-ing Wheesung’s Girls and Taemin showed a performance like a “little prince” with the solo version of “Boy Meets Girl (Romeo+Juliette)” Screams of excitement arose from fans when Minho, who sang Usher’s OMG with Supreme Team’s Simon D, unbuttoned his jacket to show his chiseled chest. Key made a club-like performance of “My First Kiss” with f(x) Krystal.

The third theme: “Regrets” – In beige and white costumes, SHINee sang Romantic, Obsession, and Graze, emotional songs about an old lover who left.

The fourth theme: “Purity” – In colorful skinny jeans, SHINee sang their debut song “Noona Is So Pretty” and “Love Like Oxygen” along with fountains spouting on the stage.

The fifth theme: “Longing” – In white, SHINee sang Quasimodo, Life, and Baby in the Island Cottage. Onew moved fans with his performance of Nessun Dorma from Puccini’s Turandot.

The last theme: “Passion” – SHINee showed powerful and dynamic dances singing Ring Ding Dong, Lucifer, Up and Down, and Ready or Not.

Bonus: Playful encore time – Jojo, Bodyguard, and One. Singing Bodyguard, SHINee members had a playful time throwing balls to fans and pouring water on each other. Singing the last encore song One, they got emotional and tearful.

Source: via OMNTD
Credits: OnewSangtae

List of Celebrities that attended SHINee’s 1st Concert in Seoul

6 Jan

1st January:

Lee Soo Man, Kim Young Min, Super Junior (Kyuhyun and Donghae), SNSD (Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Yoona etc), F(x) (Victoria, Luna, Sulli, Krystal), Go Ara, B2ST (Dongwoon, Yoseob, Doojoon), Lee Seok Jin, Park Jisun, Jung Yonghwa

2nd January:

Shim Jaewon, Trax, Super Junior (Siwon), SNSD (Jessica, Sooyoung), F(x) (Amber, Krystal), Jino and etc, Jung Yoogeun, Ssamdi, FT Island, Kara (Goo hara, Nicole, Han Seungyeon), Wonder Girls (YeEun), Miss A (Jia), 2PM (Nichkhun, Junho), Wheesung, Narsha

Credit: Shineeshawols@soompi
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Audience of SHINee World Concert tour in Seoul brags an entourage of idols

3 Jan

After successfully kicking off their first concerts in Tokyo and Seoul over the past week, SHINee wrapped up their two-day “SHINee World” concert tour last night. Continue reading

SHINee’s special message to their Japanese fans

2 Jan

After their successful 2 rounds of concert on 26 December in Japan, SHINee left a message on their Official Website in Japan yesterday, concluding their concert with a sweet message.

Everyone from Japan, Nice to meet you! This is SHINee.
Yesterday, we were so happy that many fans came to our concert.
While we are practicing the songs in Japanese and MC-ing, we are really looking forward to our 1st live concert.
How was our live and our Japanese?
As what we told you earlier in the live concert, we are going to debut in Japan next year!!
In the spring of next year, We will show you different aspects of SHINee in music and performance. Please look forward to it!!
Please continue to love us and we will be glad if you cheer for us.
So, see you in Japan next year.
From SHINee

Japanese fans, Are you looking forward to their official debut on March next year?

source: shinee JP official website
English translation: winkme @ soompi

SHINee @ Japan SHINee World’s concert (w/ subs)

2 Jan

News report

Cr: jujutaem718 @ YT

[Fan Acct] SHINee 1st Concert in Seoul (1)

2 Jan


The last song was “One”, Minho said that he hoped that SHINee and SHINee World could forever be together. When it was Onew’s turn to sing, he sounded really choked up and started crying after singing a few lines. His eyes were all red and puffy. He turned around so that the camera could not film him and used a towel to wipe his tears. He cried really really badly.

Key basically started crying at the same time as Onew. As soon as his line started, his eyes started to fill with tears.

When Jonghyun was singing, you could tell that he was really moved but he didn’t cry (yet).
Taemin went over to Onew and used the towel around his neck to wipe his tears. Taemin was smiling really brightly and put his arm around Onew’s shoulders to comfort him.

As Key was crying, Minho went over to hug him. Key’s head was resting on Minho’s shoulders as he cried really badly.

Taemin just kept smiling and comforting Onew. He even put his fingers behind Onew’s head to make a rabbit sign. He put one arm around Onew’s shoulder and used his other arm to point at Onew’s face and laugh at him.

At the end when they were doing their thank yous, the accompanying music was “One”. Jonghyun said that there were many things that he felt sorry about in the past period of time. The audience started shouting “It’s ok!” As he spoke, he started crying and kept saying “Sorry SHINee World”. Taemin told the audience to all say “it’s ok” and the whole audience started shouting that. Jonghyun was so touched that he walked to the back and cried really badly.

Cr: Baidu
Translation: pedo-noona @ Tumblr