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[News] Fatigued Heechul tweets a pic (and still looks fabulous)

27 Feb

Super Junior’s Heechul tweeted a picture of himself while in the Philippines.

On the 27th, Heechul uploaded the above photo from Manila, and let his fans know that he wasn’t feeling that well. He wrote, “I wasn’t feeling well but Philippines’ passionate cheering made me feel better.”

Though he’s professed to be ill, Heechul managed to still look runway-ready, as he’s seen outfitted in an avant-garde T-shirt with a pair of thick-rimmed glasses. This ordinary photo has been gaining so much attention that it’s even the #1 celebrity news on Nate.

Fans can’t get over how pretty he looks in the photo, as they gushed “How can someone look that good when they’re sick?” and “He’s prettier than me. This is crazy.”

Get well, Heechul!

Source: NATE
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Super Junior’s Eunhyuk is the “real cutie”

26 Feb

Super Junior’s first Super Show 3 in Japan has finally finished after three days. On his own Twitter, Eunhyuk tweeted “‘Super 3’ in Japan has safely finished. I genuinely want to thank the fans who have cooperated with us so well for the past 3 days. I hope it becomes a good memory for you guys. Members and staff all worked very hard! I want to come back to Japan again next time.”

Along with the tweet, he posted up a picture of himself. In this picture, Eunhyuk posed with the signature V-sign and eyes wide open. A celebrity usually known for his gummy smile, he is shown with his mouth closed tight.

Fans showed a hot response, tweeting back comments such as “Oppa fighting!”, “Oppa you are so cute!”, and “Oppa! Best!”

Source: TV Daily, koreaboo
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Super Junior’s Kibum Has A Tattoo?

26 Feb

Super Junior’s Kibum recently posted a Twitpic of himself with tattoos? Check it out below! What do you think? Does it make him look hot or not?

Haha.. I shot a picture of this before I erased it. But this is strange (to me)ㅡㅡ;;

Source: @ikmubmik
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Has Heechul transformed into an alien?!

9 Feb

Heechul’s recent Twitter post has been gaining lots of attention for its quirky and hilarious nature.

On February 8th, Heechul tweeted, “This is a picture Shindong took for me. I look like a Pixar animation character.”Along with this post, he uploaded a distorted picture of his face that looked like an alien or something you would see in one of those ‘fun houses’.

As readers can clearly see, his face is concentrated towards the center – making his mouth and nose extremely small, but his eyes disproportionately large.

Netizens had a good laugh, as they commented, “What did Shindong do?” and “This picture is so fun.  How did you do that?”

Source: BNT News via Yahoo! Korea and Heechul’s Twitter

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‘The Rice Brothers’ make their Twitter debut

7 Feb

Who are the ‘Rice Brothers’?

Recently, Super Junior’s Heechul posted a picture on Twitter with fellow member Ryeowook. The idol wrote, ”2PLUS!! Hi Thailand^-^ Heenim & Ryeong9, we are RICE BROTHERS!!

Dressed to kill in fitted black suits, these two superstars caused hearts to skip all over the world. Maybe we can expect a collaboration track or two from these ‘brothers’!

Source: Heechul’s Twitter

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A look at Heechul’s room!

3 Feb

If you’ve ever wondered what Kim Heechul’s desk looks like, well today’s your lucky day!

The Super Junior member uploaded a picture of his desk, which borders a bookshelf filled with presents from fans. The desk itself is crowded with pictures of the star, and high above, you can spot what looks to be his elementary school graduation photo.

Heechul commented, “My old room! What a change!

Source: Heechul’s Twitter

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Top Twitter Entertianment topics 2010

2 Jan

There is: BONAMANA, KIM HEE CHUL, SS3, #5yearswithSuju, Eunhae, #HAEppybirthday, #EverLastingFriends, #SS3forIndonesia, Super Junior #sujucomeback

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