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Leeteuk reveals that he dated an older woman

8 Feb

During MBC Every1’s “Super Junior’s Foresight“, Leeteuk made a shocking confession about dating an older woman.

Leeteuk said that he received ’special management’ from an older woman during his trainee days, and he went on to reminisce about the relationship.

When asked about the perks of dating someone older, Leeteuk explained that he was mentally comfortable with her, and that she was able to provide for him. He claimed that she took care of him from head to toe, and even gave him a bit of pocket change whenever he went shopping or to the salon. Continue reading


Park Sunjoo, “SM Stole Kyuhyun From me”

2 Jan

Park Sunjoo who is a renowned vocal trainer to famous singers revealed that Kyuhyun was stolen from her by SM.

Park Sunjoo who appeared on MBC Every1 Super Junior’s Foresight scheduled to air on December 29th revealed she trained Kyuhyun before his debut who was at the time a high school student hoping to become a singer. She expressed that she found his potentials before SM. Also, Park Sunjoo said she attempted to debut him first, but SM took in Kyuhyun before her, who later debuted as Super Junior.

Park Sunjoo expressed her affection for Kyuhyun by saying, “I was saddened because I felt as if SM stole Kyuhyun from me. However, he’s doing really well now that I’m happy for him.”

The teacher and the pupil, Park sunjoo and Kyuhyun who’ve met each other for the first time in a long time sang a duet song A Man and A Woman on the show.

Meanwhile, the full story on Kyuhyun’s SM debut will be revealed on Super Junior’s Foresight December 29th 5PM on MBC Every1.

Source: BNT
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

Leeteuk revealed, “Eunhyuk’s first kiss happened in elementary school!”

2 Jan

Super Junior member Leeteuk revealed that Eunhyuk’s first kiss happened when he was in elementary school.

Super Junior’s own talk show “Super Junior Foresight” that was broadcasted on the 22nd had invited “Emperor of Live”, Lee Seunghwan, and played his famous songs.

Leeteuk, who was the one announcing Lee Seunghwan’s famous songs, said that he’s emotional towards “Only”, which sparked attention. Leeteuk states that “I was in third year middle school, and whenever I thought of my first love I would listen to Lee Seunghwan’s songs. I knew about the meaning of true love because of the girl back then.”

To this, Eunhyuk retorted, “Isn’t your first love too early?”. Leeteuk then revealed, “Didn’t your first kiss happened in elementary school?” which caused laughter in the studio.

Leeteuk’s sad first love will be broadcasted on December 22nd (Wednesday) 5PM on MBC Everyone “Super Junior Foresight”

Source: SJ Baidu
Translation by (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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Super Junior magnae Kyuhyun, turned out to be the big senior who had first debuted 17 years ago?

28 Dec

[Reporter Woo Geunhyang]

Super Junior’s magnae Kyuhyun made a surprise confession that he had debuted 17 years ago.

On the broadcast of “Super Junior’s Foresight” on the 22th, Kyuhyun made a surprise confession, “Since I was a child I had showed an extraordinary skill of singing and by my parent’s recommendation, I participated in a christmas carol’s recording.”

With this, everyone were surprised and said “You were 6 years old.” This makes Kyuhyun become the sunbae who had first debuted 17 years ago among all Super Junior’s members.

On this day, Kyuhyun unveiled the album picture and the recording of the Christmas Carol for the first time ever on the broadcast. Kyuhyun’s fresh voice which is completely different from his gentle voice made the members couldn’t keep themselves from laughing.

To hide his embarrassed feeling, Kyuhyun said right away, “Actually my parents bought 100 copies of the album and gave them out to the acquaintances around us.”

The confession will be unveiled on Wednesday, December 22 at 5PM through the broadcast of Super Junior’s Foresight.

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Super Junior Foresight EP 1 – Leeteuk, Yesung, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun (without subs) + Yesung cuts (with subs)

28 Dec


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Yesung subs w/ subs

Credit: YesungCenter @ YT
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