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[Video] A School Variety Program, ‘Oh! My School,’ with Idol Stars!

5 Mar

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[News] Super Junior Was Banned To Perform In Taiwan Due To The Dispute Between HS Media and Jing Fu Broadcast Corporation?

26 Feb

Last January the 2011 Dream of Asia Concert in Taiwan was help by Jin Fu Broadcast Corporation in New Taipei City, including Korean groups Super Junior, 2PM, 4Minute, Beast and MBLAQ.

Unknowingly, the Korean management agency HS Media was accused of maliciously breaching the contract.Jing Fu Broadcast Corporation’s Chairman Liao Minqi expressed that Super Junior’s most popular member Choi Siwon didn’t attend the event because of his tight schedule that cause 5,000 Taiwanese fans to refund their tickets which made the Jing Fu Broadcast to lose NT$80,000,000.

However, Korean HS Media manager Jason explained that one member is an individual problem and the management didn’t do it deliberately. He also added that if Jin Fu Broadcast is worried about the losses then the Taiwan organizers should have cancelled the concert in advance.The dispute between both companies didn’t just end there, Liao Minqi (Jing Fu Broadcast) stated that the signed contract between both parties stipulated that Super Junior must not come again to hold concerts in Taiwan prior to the end of April, but HS Media already had an arranged concert for Super Junior in Taipei on the 12th and 13th of March. As a result not only will Jing Fu Broadcast Corporation will be suing for breach of contract, they would not even rule out that a request would be made to the courts to take action directly related to Super Junior’s Taipei concerts in March.

Zhao Shaowei, director-general of Taipei’s Association of Performing Arts, Economics and Culture, who attended the press conference reminded Taiwan management companies that if they wish to invite Korean artists to come to Taiwan, do not sign contracts with authorized management companies who rely on being able to speak Chinese, rather they should go directly to the real management company of the invited artists.

However, a statement from SM Entertainment said that the performance last January 22 was definitely not a contract signed directly with a Taiwan company.The contract for coming to Taiwan to perform also clearly indicated that “there would be one member unable to attend”, HS Media was the brokering company responsible for that performance and not the management agency. Taiwan’s Jing Fu Broadcast Corporation has no right to seek redress from the courts in relation to Super Junior coming to Taiwan to perform.

So as a result Super Junior’s concert on March will not be affected by this issue.

Source: China Times + BCC
Trans by: purple_princess@sapphirepearls.com
Full article by: sukira@dkpopnews.net

[INFO] Idol star participants for “Idol Star Athletics Championship”

23 Jan

The upcoming MBC ‘Idol Star Athletics and Swimming Championships‘ for the Lunar New Year Special

The ‘Idol Star Swimming and Athletics Championships’ will be broadcasted as a two-day special for February 5th and 6th, and it was created after the great success of the original ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships‘, which was aired last year during Chuseok.

The athletics championships will be recorded at the Seoul Songpa-Gu Jamsil Stadium and Gymnasium, where they will record a total of 24 races including the 100m sprints, 50m hurdle, and high jump.

Confirmed idol stars for the competition include 2PM, 2AM, TRAX, T-ara, miss A, Brown Eyed Girls, B2ST, SHINee, Son Ho Young, SECRET, SISTAR, IU, After School, Lee Hyun (of 8eight), f(x), NS Yoonji, and MBLAQ. Unfortunately, SNSD will not be able to participate due to clashing schedules with their Japanese promotions.

-Parts not related to sSHINee are omitted-

Source: Newsen via Nate
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SHINee is chosen as the Best K Pop Band of 2010 by Peruvian Netizens

6 Jan

SHINee has been chosen by online users of RPP (Radio Programas del Peru one of the most important news sources in Peru) as the Best K Pop Band of 2010. They competed among bands as Super Junior and JYJ.

The SHINee boys got the first place with 42970 points, the second place was to SS501 with 37740 points, followed by JYJ with 24500 points.

The 4th place was for Super Junior with 23710 points, and finally MBLAQ completes the Top 5 with 22260 points.

The 6th place was for CN Blue with 19400 points, followed closely by FT Island with 18760 points. The last three places went to 2PM (18280), BEAST (9990) and Big Bang (9620).

SHINee is a south korean boyband who made their debut in 2008 under SM Entertainment. Its members are Onew (Lee Jin Ki), Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin. Among their big successes are Juliette, Ai.Mi.Go and Lucifer.

Credit: sandy @ SHINee Peru Forums
English Translation: Roxy @ SHINee Peru Forums

Beast members tweeted while enjoying SHINee’s concert in Korea

2 Jan

As we know, today is SHINee’s 1st concert in Seoul, Korea.
Beast members attended their concert during their break.

Proving that they are enjoying the concert, Beast members tweeted pictures of them at SHINee’s concert.

Doojoon started tweeting a picture of the big banner hung at SHINee’s concert.
In his tweet, he wrote “All people have to come to SHINee’s concert!!! We’ll be having fun~~~~~~”

Yoseob then tweeted a picture, showing Dongwoon. Looking at the background, they are among the crowd, watching SHINee’s concert. Continue reading

Korean artists to attend MBC’s 50th Anniversary Concert in Bangkok

28 Dec

Korea’s top idol groups are scheduled to attend and perform at MBC’s 50th Anniversary Concert in March next year. Popular groups such as Girls’ Generation, C.N. BLUE,SHINee, Big Bang, 2NE1, SE7EN, 2PM, 2AM, KARA, T-ARA, Secret, 4minute, BEAST, MBLAQ , miss A, and After School are in the lineup of this star-studded event.

The ASEAN Charming Festival Concert (50th MBC Anniversary Concert)

Date: March 12th 2011
Time: 7PM – 11PM
Place: Rajamangala National Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand
Ticket Sales Start: around February 2011

Source: Pingbook
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[Pictures] 10 Asia + Idol Book – SHINee

11 Nov

Credit: 10asia.co.kr
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