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[Video] A School Variety Program, ‘Oh! My School,’ with Idol Stars!

5 Mar

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[Video] BEAST’s Yoseob and SHINee’s Onew English Battle at Oh! My School!

5 Mar

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Heechul, Minho and Eunseo’s Love Triangle on “100 Points out of 100”?

2 Jan

In the latest Christmas special of KBS2TV’s “100 Points out of 100”(Oh! My School), a love triangle involving Super Junior’s Heechul, SHINee’s Minho and actress Son Eunseo was formed.

Minho and Eunseo were originally partners for the show from the first episode. Heechul came on the show as F.T ISLAND’s Hongki’s friend.

While SHINee’s Key exposed that Minho was a “yeonsang killer” (Senior/Older Women Killer), Hongki said that Heechul likes Eunseo and wanted her to join their “Jjo Ko Bol” group, (Jjo Ko Bol is a group created by Heechul and Hongki which consists of AB Blood Type celebrities), but Eunseo isn’t AB Blood Type.

Heechul then said to Minho “Your nickname is yeonsang killer…I’m a yeonha (younger) killer” causing everyone to laugh.

After that, when Heechul danced the arrow dance (SNSD’s Hoot) and directed his shots to Eunseo, Minho came out and blocked the “arrows”.

Check out this hilarious scene here!

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Oh! My School – Eunhyuk , Minho , etc (w/ subs)

2 Jan


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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Stars discuss on whether they should reveal that they’re dating

2 Jan

On a recent broadcast of KBS’s “Oh! My School”, a section shows stars discussing on the theme “Should stars reveal that they’re dating”.

The group that voted for yes consists of Simon D, Hongki, Hyeonjin, Hyorim, NS Yoonji and Sora while the group that voted for no consists of Eunhyuk, Jaekyung, Joongki, Minho, Eunseo and Min.

Each artiste has 30 seconds to put forward their argument.

Some strong points made were “For a female celebrity, it’s the same as getting married” and “Your problems become everyone’s problems so I’m against it.” by Rainbow’s Jaekyung whom was chosen as the best for the discussion. While personally I felt that an argument made by Hyeonjin was also strong, he said “Will you only live for your fans?”.

Get to hear different opinions made by Stars themself here!
(Starts at 01:34)

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Key revealed Minho’s Ideal Type

28 Dec

“Older Women Killer” SHINee Minho expresses his thoughts about Son Eun Seo’s beauty.
In the recent KBS2TV variety show, “100 Points out of 100.”, the pair, SHINee Minho and Eun Seo who are often seated together for broadcast, staged a pink atmosphere around them which immediately captured everyone’s attention.

SHINee Key who was one of the guests for the latest Christmas special episode, revealed that Minho was a ‘Noona Killer’ and that Eun Seo was the exact ideal type of woman that Minho falls for.
In response to this, Eun Seo blushed in embarrassment, leaving Minho flustered, unknowingly creating a love atmosphere at the filming set.
Besides that, another guest of the day, Super Junior Kim Heechul mentioned that he “really likes Son Eun Seo” and wanted her to join in his AB group Jjo Ko Bol, (which consists of celebrities of blood type AB) in which Minho replied with, “Eun Seo Noona is not even AB, why are you being like this!” His anxious reaction furthermore added on to the suspicions of the present artistes, that the two of them really had something going on.
Subsequently, Heechul danced to SNSD’s Hoot, and directed his archery dance movement towards Son Eun Seo, which ended up with a jealous Minho standing in front of Eun Seo to block Heechul, making everyone laugh.
The love line of Minho and Son Eun Seo can be seen in the upcoming 25th December episode of “100 Points out of 100″.

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Minho, Hongki, Hyosung, Eunhyuk endorsed Chicken CF in ‘100 Points Out of 100’?

28 Dec

In the latest episode of KBS variety show ‘100 Points Out of 100’, Minho, Hongki, Hyosung and Eunhyuk were asked to sing a theme song for the chicken. Eventually, four of them changed the chorus part of the song Love Love Love, Magic, Sorry Sorry and Ring Ding Dong into chicken chicken!

After watching this hilarious scene, netizens commented that Onew should be there because he is the one who really loves chicken. What do you think and which version of chicken song do you love the most? Check out the video below!

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