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[News] SECRET & SuJu’s Heechul responds to accusations of ’self-plagiarism’

12 Mar

On March 9th, SECRET’s Sunhwa and Song Ji Eun guested on MBC’s “Radio Star” and addressed accusations claiming that “Madonna” was a carbon copy of “Magic“.

The girls performed “Magic” and “Madonna” in a hit track battle against SISTAR. Afterwards, they were asked by the MCs,“Aren’t they both the same song? Even the choreography is the same. What exactly is different about them?”

Sunhwa explained, “Both songs are the works of the same composer. The choreography is also the same.” When asked by MC Kim Gura about whether she was embarrassed at all by the similarities, Sunhwa replied, “Not at all. We thought of it as our own unique color, so we were very proud.”

The talk of ’self plagiarism’ then shifted attention over to MC Super Junior’s Kim Heechul. The idol MC was asked about the similarities between “Sorry Sorry” and “Bonamana,” to which he confessed, “Both tracks were composed by Yoo Young Jin. ’Sorry Sorry’ was #1 on the Taiwanese charts for 38 weeks in a row, so ‘Bonamana’ was like an extension of ‘Sorry Sorry.’”

Since MC Yoon Jong Shin is also a composer, he was asked to share his thoughts on the issue. “It’s their own song so it shouldn’t be a problem. I do think that they consciously composed it like that since the previous track had done so well.”

Source: TV Report via Nate
Credit: Allkpop
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[News] Heechul shares the downside to smoking

26 Feb

February 23rd’s broadcast of MBC’s “Golden Fishery – Radio Star” heard a confession from idol star, Kim Heechul, about the negative effects of smoking.

During the show’s discussion, the Super Junior member revealed, “I too, because of smoking too much, had trouble inhaling.”

He continued, “As a result, I coughed when I was trying to blow my ramen to cool it down.”

Thankfully, Heechul revealed that he quit smoking, but MC Kim Gura couldn’t resist added his own witty jab by stating, “You should eat naengmyeon (cold noodles) then.”

Source: Newsen via Nate
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Kim Heechul takes an oath on ‘Radio Star’ + addresses gay rumors

28 Dec

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul made a promise to viewers that he would not create any setbacks for as long as he is the fixed MC of MBC’s “Radio Star.”

On the December 8th episode, he stated, “As it is my first step as an MC, I will do my best.”

Fellow MC Kim Gura, who’s known to be quite strict during the inauguration process, added, “Let’s take an oath of ethical purity in celebration of our new DJ, Kim Heechul, and to show that he is ready for it. Kim Heechul, will you not drink and drive? Will you not use violence in whatever the situation? Will you not take on weird hobbies?”

Kim Heechul pledged, “I will make sure nothing of that sort happens. I’ll get rid of every possibility that could lead to that.”

When the MCs demanded that he make sure Super Junior’s overseas activities wouldn’t interfere with the show’s recording, he answered, “I’m strict with managing my schedule.”

Yoon Jong Shin whipped out his scare tactics by further adding, “Shin Jung Hwan once appeared on the show with crutches, and I, too, once appeared even after undergoing hemorrhoidectomy. ‘Radio Star’ only acknowledges sick leaves, so make sure you don’t skip work and do your best.”

By this time, the atmosphere on the show was pretty intense and it kicked up a notch after Kim Gura dug into some gay rumors surrounding Kim Heechul. He asked, “Some time ago, I heard that Kim Heechul was gay. Someone came up to me and said, very seriously, that Mithra and Kim Heechul were gay, so I wanted to ask him myself.”

Yoon Jong Shin added his own speculation with, “If you look on Twitter, you can feel Def Conn’s love for Heechul as well. It’s nearly on the level of glorification.”

Kim Heechul, much to his own amusement, replied, “Macho men with beards usually really like me. Despite being an idol, I really like girls. You’ll see later when I get married.”

Kim Gura concluded, “It could be a disguise.”

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Credit: Allkpop

Kim Heechul Chosen as the Official MC of Radio Star

2 Dec

Super Junior’s member Kim Heechul has taken over Radio Star’s MC position for Shin Junghwan.

Kim Heechul participated in the taping of MBC Golden Fishery-Radio Star on December 1st as the official member to work with Kim Gookjin, Yoon Jongshin and Kim Goora. Continue reading