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Taiwanese fans complimented by Onew’s Taiwanese, also give huge support to Jonghyun

10 Nov


Yesterday, popular South Korean boy band SHINee held a fan meet-and-greet with their Taiwanese fans to show their appreciation to their huge fanbase in Taiwan, and during the course of the group’s fan service, SHINee’s leader Onew followed the tradition of previous visiting South Korean music groups and showed their respect to their hosts’ distinct culture by speaking words in Taiwanese. Unlike Super Junior-M’s Kyunhyun, who uttered “I’m hungry!” in Taiwanese to the fans when they visited last year, Onew opted for the romantic angle by praising their fans with “You’re beautiful!” in Taiwanese. Continue reading


SHINee avoids questions of Jonghyun’s recent romance in favor of yummy Taiwanese snacks

10 Nov


Popular South Korean boy band SHINee recently touched down for their third visit in Taiwan since their debut, but due to the recent news whirlwind of SHINee’s own Jonghyun dating South Korean movie actress Shin Se-kyung, the members of the pop group avoided taking questions from the media. Instead, the five guys of SHINee shifted their attention to one of their favorite things about Taiwan: their famous snacks. The group spent a significant portion of their press conference discussing their love for Taiwanese snacks such as bubble tea and Taiwanese-style steamed dumplings, while also noting that they considered Taiwan to be their “snack heaven”. Continue reading

[News] Fans respond to Jonghyun with endless support

1 Nov


We’re sure many of you are saying “enough!” with the news about SHINee’s Jonghyun and his relationship. The spotlight has been on Jonghyun for the past week, with news of his actions after Music Bank, admission of his relationship and lastly, the negativity of some fans.

Although it seemed as if fans were shunning Jonghyun because of his relationship, it’s been discovered that they have been sending him hundreds and hundreds of supportive messages.

Korean Shawols have been flooding SHINee’s fanboard with messages to Jonghyun, supporting him and letting him know that they still love him. One message in particular has caught Shawols eye. There is more than 63 pages of the phrase “김종현사랑해” which translates to “Kim Jonghyun, I love you!”.

It looks like both Korean and international fans are becoming more open about idols dating. Do you think this could open up more idols admitting to dating?

Source: HJIF @ twitter
Posted by: Flowsion @ Koreaboo
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SM Entertainment blocks all outside contact with SHINee and SNSD

29 Oct

Due to the explosive reactions to news that SHINee’s Jonghyun was dating actress Shin Se KyungSM Entertainment has begun blocking all outside contact with SHINee. Continue reading

[News + Video] Super Junior’s Leeteuk hinted about SHINee Jonghyun and Shin Se Kyung’s relationship?

28 Oct


On the 25th, SHINee were special guests on KBS Radio ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio’. During their appearance, the boys of SHINee were asked to read a random script and one of them was about Jonghyun liking girl groups. During the script reading, Super Junior’s Leeteuk surprisingly stated this about SHINee’s Jonghyun, “I Know for sure it’s not girl groups. Just one girl…” After this was stated, everyone in the studio was laughing. Continue reading

[News] Wheesung suggests switching over to Onew?

28 Oct


Singer Wheesung aroused the curiosities of netizens by leaving a SHINee-related Tweet through his personal Twitter on October 27th. Continue reading

[News] Jonghyun fansites shutting down amid outraged SHINee fans

27 Oct

With the news breaking that SHINee’s Jonghyun is dating actress Shin Se Kyung, it wasn’t all that shocking that Shin Se Kyung had to shutdown her Cyworld minihompy due to outraged Jonghyun fangirls. However, another consequence of the relationship is starting to show, as Jonghyun fansites are starting to shutdown one by one. Continue reading