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[Video] Star Call – Minho (w/ trans)

27 Feb


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Key Me2Day Update

20 Feb


Original message:

[Key] 1000일 축하메세지 보는듕~ ㅋㅋ 앞으로도 함께 같이해요!

In English:

[Key] Looking at congratulation messages for our 1000 days~ keke let’s keep being together!

Credit: Me2Day
Translations: dkpopnews

Japan TV reported about SHINee’s first Japan concert!

23 Jan


SHINee wins popularity award at the “2011 Asia Model Awards “

23 Jan

SHINee made an appearance at one of Asia’s biggest modeling events, the “2011 Asia Model Awards“.

Held on January 21st at the Seoul Marriott Hotel, models from Korea, China, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Mongolia each represented their home countries under the slogan, ‘Asia Is One,’ in an effort to improve the modeling industry.

The boys were not only fawned over, but they also won the ‘BBF Popular Singer Award‘!

Congratulations, boys!

SHINee’s 1st Concert involves 6 themes

15 Jan

Six Themes of SHINee’s 1st Concert!

The first theme: “Charisma” – Members appeared on stage in black and started the concert with “The SHINee World.” They sang Senorita, Get Down, Juliette and AMIGO’s rock version remix. SHINee sang AMIGO with fans riding a rail car after getting to the 2nd floor in wire.

The second theme: “Solo Stage” – Jonghyun tried DJ-ing Wheesung’s Girls and Taemin showed a performance like a “little prince” with the solo version of “Boy Meets Girl (Romeo+Juliette)” Screams of excitement arose from fans when Minho, who sang Usher’s OMG with Supreme Team’s Simon D, unbuttoned his jacket to show his chiseled chest. Key made a club-like performance of “My First Kiss” with f(x) Krystal.

The third theme: “Regrets” – In beige and white costumes, SHINee sang Romantic, Obsession, and Graze, emotional songs about an old lover who left.

The fourth theme: “Purity” – In colorful skinny jeans, SHINee sang their debut song “Noona Is So Pretty” and “Love Like Oxygen” along with fountains spouting on the stage.

The fifth theme: “Longing” – In white, SHINee sang Quasimodo, Life, and Baby in the Island Cottage. Onew moved fans with his performance of Nessun Dorma from Puccini’s Turandot.

The last theme: “Passion” – SHINee showed powerful and dynamic dances singing Ring Ding Dong, Lucifer, Up and Down, and Ready or Not.

Bonus: Playful encore time – Jojo, Bodyguard, and One. Singing Bodyguard, SHINee members had a playful time throwing balls to fans and pouring water on each other. Singing the last encore song One, they got emotional and tearful.

Source: nate_shinee.jp via OMNTD
Credits: OnewSangtae

Fans crash SHINee’s Japanese site

6 Jan

SEOUL : There’s no denying that Korean pop group SHINee is big in Japan.

Eager fans rushed to check out the boy band’s official Japanese website on December 26, causing it to crash shortly after it launched, reported Japanese media on Tuesday.

The website launched at 8pm and within an hour, it recorded over 20,000 visitors, crashing the server. Its online member registration system was down for two days.

The website re-opened shortly after and had reportedly recorded over 100,000 page views within a week.

The five-member boy band which formed in 2008 has enjoyed much popularity in Japan though it has yet to make its debut there.

Response to SHINee’s first overseas solo concert on December 26 in Tokyo was so overwhelming that they added a second show on the same day.

– CNA/il

Credit: Channel News Asia
Shared by: [YY] @ 2s1family

SHINee’s special message to their Japanese fans

2 Jan

After their successful 2 rounds of concert on 26 December in Japan, SHINee left a message on their Official Website in Japan yesterday, concluding their concert with a sweet message.

Everyone from Japan, Nice to meet you! This is SHINee.
Yesterday, we were so happy that many fans came to our concert.
While we are practicing the songs in Japanese and MC-ing, we are really looking forward to our 1st live concert.
How was our live and our Japanese?
As what we told you earlier in the live concert, we are going to debut in Japan next year!!
In the spring of next year, We will show you different aspects of SHINee in music and performance. Please look forward to it!!
Please continue to love us and we will be glad if you cheer for us.
So, see you in Japan next year.
From SHINee

Japanese fans, Are you looking forward to their official debut on March next year?

source: shinee JP official website
English translation: winkme @ soompi