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SISTAR and SHINee’s Minho attend ‘2011 KBL All-Star Game’

31 Jan

America’s ‘NBA All-Star‘ weekend is just less than a month away, but Korea’s already kicked off their ‘2010-2011 KBL All-Star game‘ this weekend with a touch of K-Pop glamor to boot!

The KBS All-Star game invited popular girl group SISTAR as performing artists during the half-time interval, and SISTAR Bora also attempted a dunk as a pre-game opener. Meanwhile, SHINee’s Minho was also spotted amongst the crowd.

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Winners from the 20th High1 Seoul Music Awards

23 Jan

The Bonsang award winners are chosen through voting (20%), digital/album sales (50%), research (10%), and panel judgement (20%). One artist is then chosen from the Bonsang winners for the Daesang.

▲ Daesang
– SNSD (first girl group to win consecutive Daesangs)

▲ Bonsang
miss A | Son Dambi | SHINee | SECRET | IU | 2AM | 4minute | F.T. Island | B2ST | SNSD

Judging for the other categories are based on mobile poll (20%), Sports Seoul popularity level (10%), album and music sales (50%), and panel judgement (20%).

▲ Rookie groups
– The Boss | SISTAR | CNBLUE

▲ Popularity

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▲ Performance Culture Award
– Bobby Kim

▲ Best Album
– PSY (PSY Five)

▲ Digital Music Award
– IU

▲ Hallyu Special Award

▲ R&B Ballad Award
– 2AM

▲ Hip Hop Award
– Supreme Team

▲ Trot Award
– Jang Yoon Jung

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[INFO] Idol star participants for “Idol Star Athletics Championship”

23 Jan

The upcoming MBC ‘Idol Star Athletics and Swimming Championships‘ for the Lunar New Year Special

The ‘Idol Star Swimming and Athletics Championships’ will be broadcasted as a two-day special for February 5th and 6th, and it was created after the great success of the original ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships‘, which was aired last year during Chuseok.

The athletics championships will be recorded at the Seoul Songpa-Gu Jamsil Stadium and Gymnasium, where they will record a total of 24 races including the 100m sprints, 50m hurdle, and high jump.

Confirmed idol stars for the competition include 2PM, 2AM, TRAX, T-ara, miss A, Brown Eyed Girls, B2ST, SHINee, Son Ho Young, SECRET, SISTAR, IU, After School, Lee Hyun (of 8eight), f(x), NS Yoonji, and MBLAQ. Unfortunately, SNSD will not be able to participate due to clashing schedules with their Japanese promotions.

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“Super Junior’s Foresight” SuJu, SISTAR’s “Sorry Sorry” joint stage unfolds

15 Jan

Newcomers SISTAR, who received the Newcomer Award last year, have showcased a cool joint stage with Super Junior, becoming a hot topic.

On the 12th January episode of the MBC Everyone’s “Super Junior’s Foresight”, differing from the usual concepts where Super Junior would learn the ropes of the entertainment circle from their seniors, the winter break special this time featured their juniors SISTAR, whereby MCs Super Junior taught them some know-hows on the show, and have prepared a special performance.

On stage, SISTAR showcased the choreography of Super Junior’s hit song “Sorry Sorry, but the 4 MCs from Super Junior who were watching them suddenly ran onto the stage, and performed a joint-stage which had no prior notice. The two teams did not practice together even once before this, but despite the suddenness of the occasion, they put up a fantastic performance, earning a huge round of applause from the audience.

Also, SISTAR’s Bora informed that she was a queenka at Myeongji University before debuting with SISTAR, and also told about her tie-up with Leeteuk, causing the others to be greatly shocked.

On the other hand, Super Junior and SISTAR’s incidental joint stage will be unveiled on 12th January, Wednesday at 5PM on MBC Everyone’s “Super Junior’s Foresight”.

Source: BNT News (via Daum)
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SBS to take 20 idols to Thailand for Lunar New Years special

13 Jan

Twenty idols will be heading over to Pattaya, Thailand to celebrate the Lunar New Year with an SBS special episode.

The show will be hosted by MC Kim Jae Dong and will feature an ‘X-Man’ and ‘Love Letter’-like format.  Idols participating include SS501’s Park Jung Min, KARA, 4minute, T-ara, After School, SECRET, 2AM, 2PM, CNBLUE, FT Island, Super Junior, SISTAR and others.

They’ll be spending three days starting January 17th in Thailand, and representatives have revealed that there is a high chance the program will focus on pairing the idols up for a fun night.

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K-Idols to film a show at Royal Cliff Pattaya

6 Jan

SBS New Year Special [Korea Program]

17th -19th January 2011 SBS is bringing K-Idol to film a show at Royal Cliff Pattaya.
Exclusive VIP Party for only 50 people to get close to the idol while they’re filming.

Those who didn’t get into the VIP party can still watch it from afar.

***Details about VIP is wait to be confirmed***

MC: Kim Jae Dong

Artistes list (19 idols, 3-4 more await to be confirmed)

Girl Generation : Yoona , Yuri , Sooyoung
Kara:  Gyuri , Goo Hara
4Minute: Hyun-Ah
T-ara: Hyo-Min
After School: Uee
Secret: Sun-Hwa
Sistar: Hyo-Rin
2AM: Seulong , Jinwoon
SS501: Park Jungmin
Super Junior: Eunhyuk , Donghae
SHINee : Onew , Minho
FT Island: Lee Hong Ki
CNBlue: Lee Jung Shin
Booking info: http://www.royalcliff.com/new/upload/packages/KPOP.jpg

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List of Winners for Golden Disk Awards (GDA)

11 Dec

Disk Daesang

Samsung YEPP Digital Daesang

Disk Bonsang

2. SHINee
4. Super Junior
5. BoA

Digital Bonsang

1. 2AM
2. IU
3. Miss A
4. CN Blue
5. Lee Seung-gi

Samsung YEPP Newcomers’ Awards

2. Secret
3. Sistar

Ceci Popularity Awards

2. SHINee

MSN Asian Popularity Award
Super Junior

F.T Island

Hip Hop Award
Supreme Team

Production Award
Hong Seungsong

Achievement Award
Park Choonsuk