Here is a short introduction of our admins.


I’m 16 this year, a Singaporean.
I’m a typical fangirl who is over-obsessed with KIMRYEOWOOK.

Please dont doubt me as an ELF , Shawol , B2UTY , Andromeda/Teentopper , RoyalG . (:

Talk to me when you spot me online! Haha.
I’m friendly. XD I dont mind spazzing about other groups too.

Anyway, I have other fanbased too. Ooops.
You might spot .. [YY] at .. SuperWOOKIEfans !


hi! im 20 this year.. *kinda old.. :p*. I’m from Indonesia and my biased are Yesung and Jonghyun.. hehehehe…

well, i love SM Family!! but I also love another group like 2PM, 2AM, etc.. nice to know you all..


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