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[News] Interview with SJ-M: New members making the group more perfect, Jay Chou’s song is hard to sing

5 Mar

On the 3rd of March, idol group Super Junior-M (SJM) went to Shanghai with a new concept, to kick start promotional activities for their new 2nd mini album, Too Perfect. During this special interview, member Kyuhyun introduced the two new members, Eunhyuk and Sungmin, “They joining our group have made this sub-group more perfect, just like our new album title, Too Perfect.” The album also include a song produced by Jay Chou and Fang Wen Shan, which SJM members added that it was an exceptionally difficult song to sing.

Avoid talking about Hangeng, additional members makes SJ-M more perfect

After undergoing changes, SJ-M is back in the Chinese music industry, with new members like Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Sungmin. Kyuhyun expressed his thoughts about the additional 2 members, “They joining the group have made this sub-unit more perfect, just like out new album name, Too Perfect. Eunhyuk, who is part of the dance and Sungmin, who is part of the singing, have helped us a lot. Member Zhou Mi also added, “I hope is a new start for Super Junior-M.” indicating that the members are going to move on, and questions regarding Hangeng were already filtered through by staff members before the conference.

The album also includes works from Henry and Zhou Mi. According to Henry, the song was done together with his friend at his university in America, and not only did he composed the song, but wrote the lyrics as well. “Even though my standard of mandarin isn’t very good, but I tried my best to write this song.” Since the debut of SJ-M, Zhou Mi has participated in writing lyrics for every song in all their albums. He said, “I always had a dream, that for every Super Junior-M album, I would have a chance to participate in the producing stage. But now, not only do I write the lyrics, I have also tried composing. I hope I can make better music for everyone to listen.”

Mad practice of mandarin, confesses that Jay Chou’s song is really hard to sing

The album does not only consist of songs written by the members of SJ-M, but also Jay Chou – Fang Wen Shan produced. Zhou Mi confessed, “Jay Chou is Henry’s favourite singer, and not only is Henry exceptionally happy, but all 8 of us are honoured. The song is really nice to listen, but the pronunciations are really difficult. The members all tried their best during practice to make sure that our pronunciations are accurate.” Eunhyuk also confessed that the rap in “was a really difficult part” SJ-M also express that they wish to have more opportunities to work with other artists from the industry. Kyuhyun added, “I wish to work with Zhang Hui Mei (A-Mei), and only me and Zhang Hui Mei.”

During the course of recording, Chinese member Zhou Mi was a mandarin teacher to all of the members. Sungmin said, “This is my first time recording a Chinese song. To get the perfect pronunciations were really difficult, so I learnt from Zhou Mi. For every recording, Zhou Mi will help me. Although it is really difficult, we still managed to finish it in the end.” According to Zhou Mi, who are the most obedient student, and the most playful? “Everyone is really serious, and when you tell them that their pronunciation is wrong, they will change. As for who is most playful, it will be Kyuhyun. Because his pronunciations are really good, there wasn’t a need for me to worry. But on times when I tell him that he is wrong, he will laugh at him and say, ‘could it be that your pronunciation is wrong?’ In this album, everyone really did well and it was an improvement.”

Siwon’s “disappearance” makes him the ‘prefect boyfriend’ to the members

8 members group SJ-M arrived at the press conference, missing Choi Siwon. Regarding his ‘absence’, the company did not give any reasons, but stated that he will be present on 5th March Super Junior’s concert in Shanghai. The new album name is Too Perfect and when the members were asked about who is the most perfect boyfriend among the SJ-M members, Henry pointed at himself, while Sungmin stood up from his chair, eliciting laughs from everyone. In the end, Kyuhyun decides that, “since this time, there are only 7 of us here, and Super Junior-M has 8 people, but we are without Siwon, so we will make him the most perfect boyfriend.”

Kyuhyun, who had arrived in Beijing earlier to do a recording for a show, stated that he sang , Tan Te and is very up to date about the songs in Mainland. When one of the reporter requested that Kyuhyun to sing a few lines, he flushed and said, “During the show, there were a lot of fans and the hosts were asking me to sing, so I have no choice. A lot of people are also looking forward to this performance. That time, I “wasn’t feeling good”* so I performed. But now, I feel good*, so I don’t think I want to perform. Perhaps next time, when there is a chance, I will perform for everyone to see.”

*: I think he meant the feel of the song.

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Netease Entertainment interview with Super Junior-M

5 Mar

Henry: Hello everyone, I’m Henry. I know everyone has waited for us for really long, but we’re finally back!
Eunhyuk: Hello everyone, I’m Super Junior-M’s Eunhyuk. I love you.
Donghae: My precious darlings… Donghae… I am… I am Donghae. Really happy to meet you.
Ryeowook: Hello everyone, I’m Ryeowook. For… The fans that have been always waiting for us, we will continue… We will continue to work hard, and keep singing well. Thank you.
Sungmin: Hello everyone, I’m Sungmin. This time, we’re bringing the new album “Perfection” to meet everyone. When we are together with the fans, it is really “Perfect”.
Kyuhyun: Netease audience, hello everyone, I am Kyuhyun. Keep supporting Super Junior-M’s new album, Perfection. Please give us your support. Thank you.
Zhoumi: Hello everyone, I am Super Junior-M’s Chinese member, Zhou Mi. Really happy to be able to bring our new album to meet our friends from Netease.

Returning to the Chinese market after a gap of 1 and a half year, what do you want to tell the fans the most?

Zhoumi: ah, that, Super Junior-M has waited for 1 and a half year, we have also made our fans wait for 1 and a half year, releasing our newest mini album, Perfection. How do we put it, it’s a new start, and we hope that everyone will continue to support us. Mostly importantly, we are working very hard to do this album, to do music that we like. Regardless of our image, or the music, or the choreography, we have put in our best effort to do our very best, and hope that you will like this album, Perfection.

Can you introduce the new SJ-M members to everyone?

Kyuhyun: This time, when preparing the mini album, there was a change in the members, 2 new members joined. The new members are Sungmin and Eunhyuk. After they joined the group, they allowed our current group to become more perfect, just like our new album’s name, Perfection. Eunhyuk’s dance parts and Sungmin’s singing parts have been a help to us.
Sungmin: Hello everyone, I am Sungmin. I would like to meet everyone.
Eunhyuk: Hello, I am Super Junior-M’s new member, Eunhyuk. I am Eunhyuk (in Chinese).

Sungmin and Eunhyuk, when recording the Chinese album, did they have any pronunciation difficulties?

Sungmin: This is my first time recording a Chinese album, the correct pronunciation is very difficult. I learnt from Zhou Mi, whenever I had to record, Zhou Mi would help me. Although it was difficult, but in the end I still completed the recording.
Eunhyuk: In the song “Love is Sweet”, there was a Chinese rap portion, and it was especially difficult. I also had the help of Zhou Mi, and worked hard to record this song. Not sure if the Chinese fans listen find it nice when they listen to it?

For Eunhyuk, coming to China to work, he gave up his DJ position in Korea, are there any regrets?

Eunhyuk: At the moment, I’ve temporarily stopped my programs with Korean broadcasting stations and radio stations, but it does not mean giving them up. This time, I am coming to China as a Super Junior-M member, I have been working hard, and I also hope that when this album’s promotional activities end, I will be able to return to Korea with good results.

The fur concept in the new album, was it the members’ own idea?

Zhoumi: Most of the concept was prepared for us by the stylists, but before preparing for the album photoshoot, we held our own meeting, and discussed with the photographer the result that we wanted for our photos, and we hoped to express our most perfect, most unique, and different image to everyone. Because previously, Super Junior-M, in our 1st and 2nd albums, we had a sunny and handsome concept, and this time, we are more mysterious. Most importantly, because we are regarding this album, Perfection, as a new starting point, we hope to bring everyone a different feeling. So, do you like it? Do you like it? Is it okay? Okay.
Kyuhyun: I like it more.

Let’s talk about the new song Jay Chou and Fang Wenshan composed for you.

Zhoumi: Fang Wenshan… This time, in our album, Jay Chou wrote a song, the name is
Kyuhyun: Love is Sweet
Zhoumi: We were quite happy such an excellent musician wrote a song for us, because Jay Chou is a singer that Henry likes a lot, so this time, it’s not only Henry that was very happy, but for the 8 of us, today Siwon is not here… For the 8 of us, it is an extremely happy thing. The tune was nice, the pronunciation was difficult, but the members worked really hard to pronounce their pronunciation well. In this mini album, we recorded a total of 6 songs. Before this, everyone’s impression of Super Junior-M was that we followed a dance music style, and this time, our title song follows that style, but what is more special is that aside from Perfection, we added a lot of emotional songs, in this album, most of the other songs are emotional songs. We also hope that everyone will be able to focus their attention on our singing abilities.
Kyuhyun: During “A Secret That Could Not Be Told” press conference, Super Junior met Jay Chou. I have a good first impression of him, really like his songs, and this time, being able to work with him is very delightful.

This time, when going to Taiwan to do promotions, did you meet Jay Chou again?

Ryeowook: Really thankful to Jay Chou for composing such a good song for us. This time when we went to Taiwan, we didn’t have the chance to meet him. Hopefully in future, there is a chance to meet, and sit down to eat and talk with him.

Have you considered working with any other local musicians?

Kyuhyun: If there is the chance, in future I would like to work with Zhang Hui Mei. I would like to work with Zhang Hui Mei by myself.
Sungmin: As of now, we don’t have any exact plans, but if there really is the chance, there are many huge stars in China, I hope that in future, we will have the chance to work together with singers in the Chinese singing industry.

Henry, can you talk about the feeling of composing your own song?

Eunhyuk: Are you ready?
Henry: I’m ready. Erm in this time, I have a solo song, it’s called Confession.
Eunhyuk: Confession.
Henry: The English name is Off My Mind.
Eunhyuk: Off My Mind.
Henry: This song, me and a few of my American friends…. In Berkeley University I met some musician friends and we wrote a song together. Uhm, the song lyrics were written by me, actually my standard of Chinese isn’t very good, but for everyone, I worked hard and wrote this song – the lyrics and the music, for everyone. Hope everyone can enjoy this song.

Did you include your own feelings and experience in the composing of the song?

Henry: Uhm, these song lyrics are talking about, the meaning is…… If you look at the lyrics, it is like you are talking, the feeling like you are talking to the girl. So the first verse says “Girl when I see you, I go cra-cra-crazy, I just want you to be my baby. It’s like the feeling of saying it, the feeling is like that.
Eunhyuk: Good boy, good boy.

Zhou Mi wrote the lyrics for the new song True Love, why did you persist in composing?

Zhoumi: Errr actually, I have a dream, that is to….
Kyuhyun: Dream.
Zhoumi: That’s right.
Kyuhyun: Castle of dreams….
Zhoumi: That’s right. I have a wish that in every single Super Junior-M album, I am able to take part in the composition process. In the first album, there were 3 songs written by me, and in the second album, Super Girl, there were 2 songs, I also wrote song lyrics for Kangta Sunbae, and up to now, Perfection…. I want to try my best to experience songs with different feels, for example slow songs, fast songs, or playful, cute songs. Right now I am not only trying out the lyrics writing, recently I have tried composing the tune, but I hope to be able to compose more good music, and have more chances to let every listen to it in future.

When learning Chinese, who is the most intelligent, who is the most playful and hard to teach?

Zhoumi: The most intelligent student? Everyone is very intelligent, for example if you tell them where their pronunciation is wrong, they will correct it. And there is something else, what else is there? The most playful student? The most playful student is him (points to Kyuhyun).
Kyuhyun: Me?
Zhoumi: He’s the most playful because his pronunciation is too good, he doesn’t need me to worry about his pronunciation, so sometimes, if I were to go “Kyuhyun, this pronunciation isn’t that good”, he would joke with me “No, it’s your own pronunciation that’s not good, hyung, it’s your pronunciation that’s not good!”. Actually, this album, everyone’s pronunciation, I feel that it compared previously to the 1st and 2nd album, the improvement is very huge. Aside from this, Eunhyuk and Sungmin hyung, because they are the 2 members that just joined us, when they were recording, they were very worried about their pronunciation, afraid that their pronunciation couldn’t keep up with the other members. But actually, their pronunciation is very good, so when I am paying attention to their pronunciation, I am extremely statisifed.
Sungmin: Although right now, my Chinese isn’t very fluent, but I am working very hard. Beside me, there’s also a very good teacher, Zhou Mi, I will follow Zhou Mi and learn Chinese well. I really anticipate coming to China to take part in activities and performances in future.

While preparing the album, were there any unforgettable incidents?

Kyuhyun: While preparing for this album, there were 2 versions of the MV we had to film, one was the Chinese version, the other was the Korean version, so it required 2 times the amount of time as compared to a normal MV. During the 2-3 days, we hardly got any sleep, it was more tiring.

Can you recommend which member is the most perfect boyfriend?

Sungmin: Ermmmm…. (stands up)
Kyuhyun: Don’t be mistaken, Sungmin just wants to go out. I feel… I feel…. This time, there’s only 7 of us here, and Super Junior-M has 8 people, we’re short of Siwon, so we’ll choose him as the most perfect boyfriend in our hearts.
Eunhyuk: Super Junior-M is one group, the strengths of 8 people added together, that is perfection.

Previously, Kyuhyun performed “Tan Te”, what are your thoughts about it? Can you sing a line now?

Kyuhyun: Actually, when preparing for the album, Zhou Mi and I went to search for which songs were the most popular in China, which songs were better known. After that, Zhou Mi and I watched a video of “Tan Te”, and coincidentally, during the recording of the Beijing program, we saw this video information again. At the live venue, there were many fans and the hosts let me sing. I had no way not to do it, everyone was awaiting this performance. At that time, I performed lethargically. Now, I’m feeling energetic now, so I feel embarrassed to perform. In future, if there is a chance, I will prepare well and show everyone.

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Donghae’s Interview with Elle Magazine

31 Jan

E: How was the photoshoot today? You looked nervous at first.
DH: I think I was nervous because I didn’t do a photoshoot for a long time. It was fun.

E: How do you feel acting for the first time through It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter?
DH: First, I’m happy that I finally got the chance to act because I’ve wanting to do this for a long time. I’m learning a lot while filming. It feels like I debuted again.

E: But you feel less nervous than when you debuted as Super Junior, right?
DH: No, when I’m singing there are other members that can supplement what I lack. But when I’m acting, I’m alone that it’s more burdensome. I guess I’ll gradually become more relaxed to enjoy this experience.

E: How does it feel watching yourself act on TV?
DH: It’s really awkward. But people say to me “it’s not bad to the point that you’ll get criticized.” I’m thankful to the viewers because they complimented me on my acting. I have to work hard! Continue reading

Leeteuk in a relationship? “No comments” towards question by “Talk Asia”

2 Jan

Super Junior Leeteuk replied with ‘no comment’ to dating-related questions, arousing curiosity.

On the recent recording on CNN ‘Talk Asia’, when MC Anna (Coren) asked the question whether “are you currently dating?”, Leeteuk replied with “no comment”. Later on, when the MC commented that “It’s exactly that, isn’t it?”, Leeteuk merely flashed a wry smile.

When asked the question “after gaining popularity, don’t you feel a huge pressure being placed on your private life, and that it’s difficult to date?”, Leeteuk said that “Since I’m a celebrity, I thought that my private life would be controlled, but it’s not. If I said that I like someone, the management company would give their blessings and also support me.”

In addition, Leeteuk also revealed the reasons behind Super Junior’s strategy of having 4 subgroups and also why they have received loved from the whole world even if there was a language barrier, the ways they would communicate with overseas fans, their desire to become a group that could contribute to the society, and more.

You can catch “Asia Talk” on QTV at 12 midnight on the 22nd (of December) and 9am on the 24th.

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Full Interview with Super Junior on CNN’s Talk Asia

9 Dec

Last month, Super Junior members Leeteuk and Choi Si Won interviewed with Anna Coren on CNN’s Talk Asiaprogram as interest arose in Korea, who proudly hosted the G20 Seoul Summit. A short 2 minute 47 second video snippet surfaced titled ‘Boyband mayhem in South Korea’, where they talked about their recent foray into social media such as Facebook and Twitter, establishing contact points with a foreign audience.

Now, the full length interview has been released where the conversation has broadened to various subjects from cracking the American market to Human Trafficking issues in Asia. Check out the interview below:

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Hangeng’s Interview in Thailand’s OK! Magazine

8 Dec

This is the first time that Super Junior member “Hangeng” had revealed his new path in being a solo artist even though it contained hardship but filled with happiness.
“I’m a quiet person, my true self is not different from what you’ve seen in television”
From the only Chinese member in Super Junior, the top boy band of Korea, that has many fans around the world including Thailand, today this handsome guy “Hangeng” is back again with the new role of becoming solo artist. He debuted with his first solo album ‘GengXin’ (Hangeng’s heart) which is a masterpiece work that he has put a lot of effort into it. After the breaking news about him filed a lawsuit against his previous company due to the unfair contract and limited conditions spread out, he has lived under pressure at that time. Continue reading

Actress Han Ji-hye Mentioned SHINee Minho in an Interview

19 Nov

Han Ji-hye now has seven years of acting experience under her belt, a career long enough to consider KBS TV series “Sweet 18,” the first TV series she played the female lead, a drama from her past. And it may have seemed like she came to a brief halt when she showed similar acting skills in film “My Boyfriend is Type B” and “Sweet 18,” but she expanded the range of characters she plays through MBC drama “East of Eden” and film “Blades of Blood.” The reckless high school girl who had no particular dream in “Sweet 18″ has matured into a woman who helps a young man achieve his dreams in “KBS Drama Special: Pianist” and a reliable senior toSHINee member Minho who is taking his first shot at acting. Continue reading