[Video] Leeteuk showing off his guitar skills!

12 Mar

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[News] SJ Siwon, Donghae, Ivy Chen are about to magnificently acsend the stage

12 Mar

Adapted from popular Japanese writer Nakamura Yoshiki’s manga “Skip Beat”, it has finally been confirmed that filming would officially start in April. “Skip Beat” drama is the first adpatation of the manga worldwide, and would be produced by Gala Television (GTV), Hakusensha* has authorized fimlimg. It is expected to cost NT 6,000,000 to build the gorgeous stage, and it is bound to create new boundaries for Taiwan idol dramas and drive the Chinese Wave.

The manga sells very well, and its anime is popular. With this adaptation, it will definitely create a trend. GTV spent many years communicating, and finally got Hakusensha and the author’s approval for its first ever adaptation. GTV has also invited Comic International Productions Co.Ltd who has much experience in Japanese manga adaptations, along with strong production power Honto Production to join in. GTV, together with the hard work of Feng Jiarui and Niucheng, will definitely create a greater idol drama reputation and trend.

Siwon plays “Ren Tsuruga”, the most popular and powerful actor in the acting circle, but has almost zero experience when it comes to love. Choi Siwon has experience from acting in numerous dramas in Korea, such as the Korean drama “Athena”, the current champion in viewership ratings. He carries an extravagant and friendly air, which fits with the role, and hence had a unanimous recommendation. Also, the birthday of Ren Tsuruga in the manga suprisingly falls on the same day as Siwon’s (10 February). It is as if he was born to play this role.

Donghae, who would be playing “Shō Fuwa”, hopes to challenge a role of a bad man who is popular with the ladies. He can finally fufill his dream by playing Shō Fuwa. In the drama, the super popular singer is a bad man that many hate to love. The playful and caring Donghae in Super Junior, happens to be the same as the drama character, who loves to dance and sing.

“Skip Beat” would soon start filming, and the female lead is not the only ready one. After Siwon and Donghae, who have packed schedules, found out about their confirmed roles, they displayed tremendous commitment and are focused and ready to play the roles in their first overseas drama. It is hoped that through GTV’s long-term promotion for the drama, it would bring the Chinese worldwide even closer. The most suitable actors, the closest adaptation from the original, the finest production team, the strongest marketing package. We believe that it would definitely bring a refreshing change to the whole of Asia and mark a new milestone for roles in dramas.

The most magnificent challenge for dramas in this century, the most world-class star performance, SKIP BEAT~ Coming soon!

*- A Japanese publishing company that published “Skip Beat”
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[Video] Taemin Star Call (w/ trans)

12 Mar



Everyone it’s already late night ~ Pretty ladies please sleep more! So sleep ealier, hope that everyone’s complexion will get better, be prettier ya?! So this is Maknae Taemin’s message~ it’s getting late so goodnight!

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[News] Album Kings Super Junior ”Leading the Hallyu boom all over the world”

12 Mar

Popular group Super Junior has talked about their thoughts on ascending as the “Album Kings”.

Super Junior was given the pleasure of being conferred the first place for the album sales on the Gaon Chart at Gaon Chart’s 2010 Closure of Accounts and 2011 Vision Conference, which took place at the Korea Press Club International Conference Room at 3pm on the 9th of February.

Super Junior’s 4th official studio album ‘Miinah’ was selected as the album which had the highest sales for last year. ‘Miinah’, which sold a total of 200,193 copies last year, came in at first place for the album sales.

On the day, Super Junior Leeteuk who received the award, revealed his feelings, saying that “I’m really happy to be able to receive such a huge award from a fair and authoritative award ceremony”.

Later on, Leeteuk said that “If there’s the Billboard Charts in America, and the Oricon Charts in Japan, then in Korea there’s the Gaon Charts”, and that “Every year while doing activities, I’ve personally experienced the occurrence of the Hallyu boom not only in Asia, but also all around the world. We’ll diligently do our activities”, announcing his determination.

On the day, Gaon Chart announced their data and also revealed the detailed data of the online chart. This is the first time that the offline album sales chart is being announced since the Record Industry Association stopped revealing the aggregates in 2008. The revealing of the detailed online data, too, was the first since the establishment of the digital music market.

On the day’s ceremony, in addition to revealing the year 2010’s on-offline album sales, awards were given out to the singers who had clinched first place in the key areas of digital sales and album sales. Aside from Super Junior, Miss A came in first for the digital album awards, Kim Seungyoon and G.NA won the Best Male and Female Newcomer Awards respectively, and Lee Seungchul came in first for Mobile Downloads.

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Source: Star News (via Nate)
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[News] SECRET & SuJu’s Heechul responds to accusations of ’self-plagiarism’

12 Mar

On March 9th, SECRET’s Sunhwa and Song Ji Eun guested on MBC’s “Radio Star” and addressed accusations claiming that “Madonna” was a carbon copy of “Magic“.

The girls performed “Magic” and “Madonna” in a hit track battle against SISTAR. Afterwards, they were asked by the MCs,“Aren’t they both the same song? Even the choreography is the same. What exactly is different about them?”

Sunhwa explained, “Both songs are the works of the same composer. The choreography is also the same.” When asked by MC Kim Gura about whether she was embarrassed at all by the similarities, Sunhwa replied, “Not at all. We thought of it as our own unique color, so we were very proud.”

The talk of ’self plagiarism’ then shifted attention over to MC Super Junior’s Kim Heechul. The idol MC was asked about the similarities between “Sorry Sorry” and “Bonamana,” to which he confessed, “Both tracks were composed by Yoo Young Jin. ’Sorry Sorry’ was #1 on the Taiwanese charts for 38 weeks in a row, so ‘Bonamana’ was like an extension of ‘Sorry Sorry.’”

Since MC Yoon Jong Shin is also a composer, he was asked to share his thoughts on the issue. “It’s their own song so it shouldn’t be a problem. I do think that they consciously composed it like that since the previous track had done so well.”

Source: TV Report via Nate
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[News] SM Entertainment to produce Korean drama adaptation of Japan’s “Hana Kimi”

12 Mar

SM Entertainment will be producing a drama based on the über-popular Japanese comic, “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Hana Kimi)”!

The comic gained widespread success, selling over 17 million copies alone. It had a Taiwanese drama adaptation which recorded the highest viewer ratings in 2006, while its Japanese drama garnered an average of 17.04% in viewer ratings.

Since its widespread popularity reached Korea as well, representatives of SM Entertainment revealed on March 10th that they signed a contract that gave them the publication rights for its drama production.

Using an all boys high school as its backdrop, the original comic ran from 1996 to 2004 and detailed the lives of a group of ‘pretty boys.’

Representatives revealed, “The Korean version will have a total of 16 episodes that draw out stories of hopes and dreams. It’s a teenage comedy with a cute, but strong storyline and a slew of handsome cast members. We’re planning to begin airing it this summer.”

Source: Daum
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[INFO] Super Junior-M sweeps Chinese and Taiwanese music charts

12 Mar

The boys of Super Junior-M can congratulate themselves on a successful comeback, as they’ve been sweeping charts across China and Taiwan!

The group, who just kicked off full-fledged promotions for their latest mini-album “Perfection“, grabbed No. 1 on China’s “CCR-Music“, and on Taiwan’s prestigious radio program, “HIT FM Taiwan“.

Responding to the overseas domination, SM Entertainment stated, “Super Junior-M’s comeback was based on a specific strategy that would create much hype and attention in China, and we focused on competing with popular local artists. Super Junior-M succeeded in establishing themselves in the music industry.”

Source: TVDaily via Daum
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