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S.M. The Ballad’s Miss You iPhone Application released

28 Dec



SM The Ballad NYLON photoshoot BTS + MV BTS (w/ subs)

28 Dec

NYLON photoshoot


Cr: SMTBIFsubs @ YT

SM The Ballad in Nylon Magazine (January 2011)

28 Dec

Cr: as tagged

S.M. The Ballad Hot times MV (coloured ver)

28 Dec

Cr: shakizi + gyapower07 @ YT

SM The Ballad sings “Sorry Sorry-Answer”

18 Dec

Cr: RaiBaka @ YT

SM The Ballad – Hot Times MV

14 Dec

cr: sment @ YT
reupload by: [J] @ 2S1family
Please take out with full credits

SM The Ballad @ Starry Night

14 Dec


Miss You LIVE

After Love LIVE

Cr: butter0203 @ YT

Hot Times LIVE

Cr: 베스티즈 somosomo 님 + 2pinkninja @ YT

보고싶다 / I Miss You

Cr: 게잡 난멋부리기싫다님 + 2pinkninja @ YT

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Cr: thankkyu + RaiBaka @ YT