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Minho and Onew as MC at today’s Music Core (29 January 2011)

29 Jan

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

*still can’t find the part 4*

part 5:

part 6:

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SHINee performance + Onew and Minho as MC at Music Core New Year Special 2011

1 Jan

MC Cut:

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

part 4:

Legend Stage of 5 Star:
Lucifer – SHINee:

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Shindong critcized for behavior on ‘Inkigayo’

28 Dec

While IU took the number one spot on the recent episode of SBS Inkigayo, the behavior of Super Junior‘s Shindong has been garnering more attention.

On the 19th, IU received the honor of taking home the mutizen song award for Good Day on Inkigayo. Although the singer received trophies for her duet single Nagging with 2AM‘s Im Seulong, this was the first one she won herself.

As this was a special moment for her, her eyes filled with tears while delivering her acceptance speech while other singers silently congratulated her by watching on from behind. IU stated, “Thank you to all the fans that came and cheered me on from my first comeback stage, and I want to thank my Heroes family. I will work hard.”

However, while IU was delivering her speech, Super Junior’s Shindong came up behind IU and started playing around. When the shot of IU on the verge of tears with Shindong’s face seemed to mess up the mood, fellow member Leeteuk made Shindong step aside.

Despite his group leader’s efforts, Shindong went up behind IU and joked around again, pointing at himself as if he wanted her to mention his name. When IU ended her speech without mentioning him, Shindong showed a look of distaste, as if he was disappointed. This time, 2AM’s Changmin pulled Shindong aside.

Shindong’s behavior did not end there, as he danced on stage with his group member Ryeowook until IU’s encore song started.

Netizens commented on the idol’s behavior saying, “This was IU’s first win so the others singers were quietly standing behind during this happy moment, but what’s up with Shindong?“, “What is Shindong thinking acting like a drunk“, “No matter how close Shindong is, this type of joke is just wrong. Why would you persist when others are trying to stop you?“, and, “Would you have liked it if other singers joked around like that during Super Junior’s first win after debuting, Shindong?”

Meanwhile, IU expressed her thanks to fellow celebrities through her personal me2day.

Shindong’s appearance behind IU can be seen at the 1:00 mark.

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Onew & Minho MC cuts + SM the Ballad at Music Core

11 Dec


MC part 1

MC part 2

MC part 3

MC part 4

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S.M. The Ballad – Hot Times

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S.M. The Ballad Debut Performance on SBS Inkigayo (28 November 2010)

28 Nov


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Minho and Onew as MC on Music Core (20 November 2010)

20 Nov

cut 1:

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cut 2:

cut 4:

cut 5:

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SHINee’s Minho at VNT Performance at Music Core (13 November 2010)

13 Nov

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